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blackberry_tour_boldBlackberry vs Cell Phone

Comparing Blackberry and the traditional cell phone is like telling the difference between Bravia and television. Blackberry is actually a line of hand held mobile phone devices developed by RIM (Research In Motion) compared to the cell phone that usually represents a more general term for similar devices. Hence, having a Blackberry mobile unit is telling the public that you do have that particular cell phone model. It is a more specific kind of phone compared to when you just say that you have a cell phone wherein the people are not made known of what specific brand you are using.

Many series of mobile phone devices has already sprouted in the world market over the last decade. These cell phones can be of any brand may it be Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG among others. But the Blackberry is already one of those cell phone brands. As a general term, cell phones can also be called or used interchangeably with the terms mobile phones, hand phones and cellular phones, as these kinds of devices are called such because of their capability to bring communication to the mobile arena. You can now contact anyone from any part of the globe wherever you are.

At first, cell phones were packed with the standard call and text features before it further advanced in to housing other applications like games, calculators, FM radio, movie players, music players, picture viewers, organizers, cameras and many others. In this light, cell phones have already branched out into a more specific group termed as smart phones. These kinds of cell phones are already packed with many other cool features like the GPS and the ability to run certain computer operating systems (OS) like Windows.

More so, it is even safe to denote that the Blackberry unit is no longer under the umbrella of the cell phone because most of its newly released models offer miniaturized computer functionalities. This means that you are carrying a small and portable computer device on your palm which is at the same time a communication tool, not to mention its email and WiFi capabilities. In this regard, the Blackberry line of mobile phones is regarded as one of the most advanced modern day ‘smart phones.’ These smart phones are the more jam-packed versions of their early predecessors ‘“ the standard cellular phones (cell phones). Nevertheless, it is still very much acceptable to say that the Blackberry unit is a cell phone.

1. Blackberry refers to a line or brand of cell phones whereas a cell phone is a more generic term used to describe mobile communication devices in general.

2. Blackberry can now be classified as a smart phone, which is packed with advanced computer features compared to the usual outdated cell phone versions.

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  1. This article contains pretty much zero information. It doesn’t tell me what a cell phone is, nor what a Blackberry is, and it certainly doesn’t tell me the difference between the two.
    So if I came here seeking actual information, the closest this article goes into the subject matter are the last two Sentences, titled 1 and 2 respectively. Even that is painfully generic.

    A ” Blackberry can now be classified as a smart phone, which is packed with advanced computer features “…

    A Smartphone, but with computer features. What is this, a joke? What is a Smart Phone in the mind of this author, if not a handheld computer?

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