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iPhone vs Cell Phone

Seriously, who doesn’t have a cell phone or any type of a communication device nowadays? There was a time when cell phones are only a status symbol and only people with enough resources can afford the luxury of mobile communication. However, today, price is not a big issue anymore. Sure, there are a lot of expensive cell phones in the market but many can be bought with a cheap price.

The phrase cell phone is just a short terminology for cellular phone. Cellular phones are mobile phones that use cellular technology. They are basically electronic devices that allow users to communicate on the go over a cellular network. Don’t confuse cellular phones with cordless telephones as they are completely different from each other. Cordless phones have limited range via a single base station while cell phones work with numerous base stations called cell sites strategically scattered in different locations to provide extensive coverage.

Cell phones are also called mobile phones and it had gone through a lot of innovations. The evolution of cell phones has been a stunning one and we are now in the 4th generation (4G) that is capable of many things. It is almost like a personal computer at the palm of your hands.

At first, people were merely satisfied of the cell phone’s crude ability to transmit and receive calls while moving around. However, due to fierce competition between manufacturing companies and improvements in computing technology, cellular phones have improved by leaps and bounds. For three decades, many people had witnessed the almost incredible evolution of cell phones.

Now, most cell phones are expected to have the basic features of SMS, bluetooth, MMS, camera (video and still), recorder, multimedia player, and lots more. Yet, it had never ceased to improve and in 2001 — the 3rd generation (3G) of cellular technology — high-end and hi-tech cell phones emerged. Such phones are labeled as smartphones and many would agree that the current king of smartphones is the iPhone.

iPhone has set the standard and it has been set so high that many iPhone challengers failed miserably. iPhones have the capability to utilize the internet to connect with other people ‘“ e.g. browsing the web, emails, and instant messaging. Multimedia storage and playback is excellent and with countless of applications to choose from. We could go on and on, the features are seemingly infinite.

iPhone is an Apple Inc. product and it is currently on its 3rd upgrade, the iPhone 3GS.


1. Categorically, the iPhone is considered a cell phone but more suitably a smartphone.

2. Cell phone is a general term for any device that uses cellular technology to transmit and receive data while the iPhone is a specific type of device that features the use of cellular technology.

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  1. Excellent article for all novices.Thanq!!

  2. I`m left with a question here, is there anything that an iphone can that a cell phone can`t ??

  3. still confused …. give me difference about what a cell phone can do or not and an i phone can do or not….

  4. is there anything that an iphone can that a cell phone can`t ??

  5. so basically what you are trying to say is that smartphones and iPhone are just the advanced type of cell phone with distinguishing features. Is it so?

  6. iphone is nothing but an improvised cellphone.

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