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Difference Between Blackberry and Windows Mobile

windows_mobileBlackberry vs Windows Mobile

Mobile phones have gone through a lot of advancements and innovation. Initially, the purpose of such useful device is to have a portable communication device so one can still stay in touch with associates and handle business while on the trot. Essentially, that is the origin why mobile phones are developed. Yet, with the tremendous leaps and bounds of communication and computer technology, the mobile phones of the past are simply laughable crude objects.

Nowadays, we call handy communication devices as Smartphones. They have amazing features and wonderful capabilities that may or may not involve communication functions. They are internet-ready, multimedia players, and mini-organizers and data processors. In the market today, the Blackberry and Windows Mobile are two of the more popular mobile communication devices.

Let’s compare both mobile communication giants:

The Blackberry is the brainchild of RIM Company. The Blackberry mobile devices are centered on E-mail communication technology. It has been a juggernaut and has a huge market. The e-mail based device had been practically unchanged up to the point when multimedia capabilities became a major factor in the market. RIM never ignored that fact and they spruced up their brands which have become very effective.

When it comes to computer technology, Microsoft has been a major player in the industry. They have a seemingly ubiquitous platform. Although seemed a bit later than expected, they had joined the smart phone industry and as expected, they have excelled in great form.

Blackberry is reputed for its intuitive usability and with all of its models and installments, it has never faltered in its user-friendliness. The design is solid and reliable. However, it falls short when it comes to touchscreen technology. Aside from being one of the last to provide the feature, it fell short in terms of intuitive responsiveness.

Blackberry is capable of opening popular document formats like in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint but editing is non-existent. Additionally, display is sometimes not well laid out. This goes the same way with internet browsing as the display is crude. Pages are shown in simple HTML and zooming in is a big problem. E-mail with Blackberry is still the bread and butter of the device. Threading is great with the OS.

Windows Mobile has already emerged as a formidable presence in the touchscreen department. It not only supports touchscreen capabilities but has also further improved the feature with programs such as HTC TouchFlo 3D technology which made it at par with the touchscreen king, the iphone.

Since Windows Mobile is made by Microsoft, the product offers more functionality because of the vast range of compatible Microsoft applications, particularly MSOffice. Unsurprisingly, editing files and documents is easy as 1-2-3. Without surprise, internet browsing is a breeze with windows mobile. The Mobile Internet Explorer and Opera Mini Browser make browsing faster, better-looking, and easy to navigate. In terms of email, it is catching up with the Blackberry but still needs a few push.


1. Blackberry is manufactured by RIM while Windows Mobile is obviously manufactured by Microsoft.
2. The Windows Mobile has great touchscreen capabilities while the Blackberry still has to improve in the department.
3. Blackberry has limited functionality with opening and editing popular document formats while Windows Mobile, being a Microsoft product, will have no problems with them.
4. Windows Mobile provides better internet browsing experience while Blackberry is still hard to navigate.
5. Blackberry, as an e-mail-centric product, has the best feature and capabilities in the business. Windows Mobile is also good and catching up but not as good as the former.

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