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blackberry_tour_boldBlackberry vs Activesync

The Blackberry is a smartphone produced by RIM (Research in Motion) and provides very robust messaging capabilities through its corporate email servers. This area has been a monopoly of the Blackberry for a considerable length of time and companies like Microsoft intend to make a dent on its market share with their own software that provides similar services. Activesync is the software that is used to connect devices running the Windows Mobile operating system and other devices that are licensed to use it; like the iPhone. The Blackberry is not compatible with Activesync, and reasonably so since it doesn’t actually need Activesync.

A Blackberry needs to connect to either a BES or BIS server in order to facilitate data communications, whether email or just browsing the internet. This can be a problem for people who do not have a data plan. Even when you use a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet, the data would still need to pass through those servers. This means that you would still chew up your data plan if you do not have an unlimited plan. Activesync commonly connects to an Exchange server to sync information like contacts, tasks, and email. But for people who do not have access to an Exchange server, they can install Activesync on their home computer to sync data locally with programs like Outlook.

The Blackberry uses a true push technology where the server initiates the connection and data transmission when an email arrives. This is comparable to a text message that arrives whether you check or not. Activesync does not use true push technology but tries to simulate the same functionality. With Activesync, the software contacts the server and asks whether new data is available and retrieves it from the server. Shortening the interval between queries make it seem like the information is arriving in real time.


1. The Blackberry is a smart phone from RIM that sports very robust email capabilities while Activesync is the connectivity software for smartphones and PDAs running the Windows Mobile platform.

2. The Blackberry is not capable of using Activesync as it is not compatible with the software.

3. A Blackberry needs to connect to a BES or BIS server in order to sync information while WM phones can use Activesync to sync with an Exchange server or to a local computer or laptop with Activesync installed.

4. The Blackberry software is a true push technology while Activesync is somewhat of a pull/push technology.

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