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Difference Between Canon HV40 and HV30

camcorderCanon HV40 vs HV30

The HV40 and HV30 are two HD capable camcorders from Canon that belongs to the XIVIA line. Although the HV40 is newer than the HV30, the improvement on the feature list is not that numerous but might be significant to some people.

The new feature in the HV40 that you cannot find in the HV30 is native 24p capability. This does not refer to the resolution but to the number of frames being used for every second of the video being captured. 24p is the mode that was traditionally used in creating movies for the big screen. Using 24p, which is often referred to as CINE mode, is supposed to replicate the look and feel of the old school celluloid movies. Although you cannot record 24p video with the HV30, you can still convert the 60i video of the HV30 into 24p by undergoing some post processing. The HV40 simply eliminates the extra hassle in creating 24p video.

A tiny but much appreciated addition to the HV40 is the programmable custom key that can be found on the side of the camcorder. You can select a certain function that you consistently use. This eliminates the need of digging through a number of menus in order to get to the function that you want. With the custom key, you can have the function or effect applied with a single press of the button.

The HV40 is a very competent camcorder that provides great functionality. For those who still don’t own the HV30, spending a few extra bucks to get the HV40 might be a good idea. People who routinely shoot in 24p are the ones who can benefit greatly from having an HV40. As we all know, processing videos can take a considerable length of time especially with very long videos. The custom key is another feature that further simplifies the use of the camcorder. But for those who already own an HV30 camcorder, the features on the HV40 simply doesn’t justify replacing your HV30 with an HV40. It is much better to stick with the HV30 a little bit longer and wait for a newer camcorder.


1. The Canon HV40 is more or less identical to the HV30.

2. The HV40 is capable of recording at 24p while the HV30 is not.

3. The HV40 is equipped with a custom key that is not found on the HV30.

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