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HV30 vs HV40

The HV30, which succeeded the HV20, has been succeeded by the newer HV40. As with the update from the HV20 to the HV30, Canon has decided to keep most of the features of its earlier models which has garnered positive reviews from many users and critics alike and add a few features to extend the feature set of the new HV40. The primary difference between the HV30 and HV40 is the addition of native 24p recording in the latter. Although the HV30 is able to record at 60i, 30p, and 24p, its 24p recording is not native and you would need to pass the video through software. Native support in the HV40 results in the best possible output that the camera can produce. Aside from the most discriminating users, there might not be much of a visible difference between the 24p video outputs of the HV30 and HV40.

Another addition to the HV40 is the custom button that you would find on the left side of the barrel. As the name has already implied, the custom button can be customized to whatever function the user finds most useful. Rather than going through menus every time, you can quickly activate the feature with just one press of the button.

Aside from the two new additions mentioned above, there is nothing new to the HV40. It still carries the same 1/2.7 inch CMOS sensor, that can record at a resolution of 1920×1080, as the HV30 and the same 10x zoom. Both cameras also use mini DV cassette tapes for recording, although you need to buy the HD capable ones for recording in HD.

Just as the HV30 was a minor upgrade to the HV20, the HV40 is even less of an upgrade. Rather than carrying over the older HV30, Canon just decided to add a few features. The HV40 is not meant as a replacement for the HV30, or even the HV20, for those who already own either model. It is targeted towards those who do not yet own one and may want a bit more than what the HV20 and the HV30 can offer.


  1. The HV40 supports native 24p mode while the HV30 does not
  2. The HV40 has a custom button that you would not find on the HV30

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