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Difference Between Canon IXUS 85 and IXUS 95

ixus-95_cameraCanon IXUS 85 vs IXUS 95

The IXUS 95 is a point and shoot digital camera from Canon, and is the successor to the IXUS 85. There is really no substantial difference between the two that makes one extremely superior compared to the other. They both use the same sensor, meaning that the pictures they take are more or less the same. The changes introduced in the IXUS 95 were more like minor improvements or tweaks that makes the device a bit better compared to its predecessor.

The only major change to the hardware of the IXUS 95 is the replacement of the image processor. The IXUS 85 is equipped with the DIGIC III image processor while the IXUS 95 is equipped with the next generation image processor, the DIGIC 4. Although the enhancements in the image processor would not really make that huge difference, it can affect the outcome of processed images and in applied effects like red eye removal.

With the more trivial changes, the brightness levels of the IXUS 95 have been reduced to 5 from the substantially higher 15 of the IXUS 85. This doesn’t mean that the screen of the IXUS 95 is not as bright as that of the IXUS 85; only the intermediate selectable levels have been reduced to make it easier and faster to go from one end to the other.

The IXUS 95 also underwent some changes to make it sleeker, lighter, and more compatible with the owner. The IXUS 95 is almost 10% lighter than the IXUS 85 at 120g and 130g respectively. Even if the body of the IXUS 95 is more or less the same to that of the IXUS 85, the design of the body has been altered. The edges have been rounded to give the camera a more aerodynamic look. The IXUS 95 is available in a much wider variety of colors that users can choose from to suite their taste. In contrast, there are only two versions of the IXUS 85 to choose from.


1. The IXUS 95 is equipped with the DIGIC 4 while the IXUS 85 is equipped with the DIGIC 3.

2. The LCD on the IXUS 85 has 15 brightness levels while that of the IXUS 95 has 5 brightness levels.

3. The IXUS 95 is lighter compared to the IXUS 85.

4. The IXUS 95 comes in a sleeker form with more color choices than the IXUS 85.

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