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Difference Between Canon Powershot and Ixus

Canon Canon PowerShot Sd780 Is Digital Elph Digital Camera Sold IndividuallyCanon Powershot vs Ixus

The Powershot and Ixus are two lines of digital cameras that are produced by Canon, which is an established and reputable company. Both product lines are intended for the general public and not for professionals. But despite that, they are intended for different types of people. The Ixus is intended for people who just want to take pictures with their family and friends or during events while the Powershot is primarily intended towards people who are interested in the finer details of photography and likes to experiment with its controls.

Because they are targeting different groups with different personalities, it is reflected in the overall design and functionality of each camera. Taking an Ixus and a Powershot that has similar sensors and placing them side by side, you can easily see the difference. The Ixus is quite slim with a somewhat minimal design. This is done to make the Ixus cameras ‘pocketable’ and easy to use. The powershot camera is much bigger and heftier compared to the Ixus. They are meant to simulate the general look and feel of the professional level DSLR cameras. You would also find a number of controls along its body that might confuse a person who has no interest in photography.

The simplistic design of the Ixus is meant to minimize the number of options that the user encounters. This is done to lessen the chance that the user accidentally sets the camera into an inappropriate mode for the shot. The settings that the user can play around with can also be set into auto mode so that the user no longer has to worry about changing them. The powershot features a lot of controls, giving the user a lot of freedom in how he wants his photos to appear. The range of Powershot cameras range from models that are quite similar to Ixus cameras to models that are quite close to the high end cameras.

1.The Powershot and Ixus are two digital camera lines from Canon
2.The Ixus is designed for people who simply want excellent pictures while the Poweshot is aimed at people who wants more control
3.Ixus cameras are slim and light while Powershot cameras tend to be big and hefty
4.The Ixus is very simple with only a few settings that can all be set to auto while the powershot can be manually controlled depending on how the user wants his shot.


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