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Difference Between Canon T2i and Canon 7D

Canon T2i vs Canon 7D

The Canon EOS T2i is a camera that contained a lot of the features of the 7D at a significantly lower price, which led a lot of consumers to question whether it is worth shelling out the extra money for the 7D. Probably the first thing you would notice when you hold both cameras is the composition of their bodies. The T2i uses a combination of polycarbonate, fiberglass, and steel while the 7D uses a magnesium alloy. This means that the 7D can take more of a beating compared to the T2i before sustaining any damage.

While the T2i uses a Digic 4 image processor, the 7D uses two of them. This is the major factor why the 7D is a much faster camera compared to the T2i. This is apparent in the rate at which both cameras can shoot continuously. The T2i has a maximum speed of 3.7fps while the 7D can achieve speeds of 8fps. Both cameras may perform equally for still photography or video recording, but it is with action photography where the superiority of the 7D truly shines.

Aside from the main features, the 7D also has some minor features that are superior or different compared to that of the T2i. The first is in the number of autofocus points. The T2i only has 9 selectable points for autofocus while the 7D has 19 points for even greater freedom. Another is the number of customizable functions you can have. With the T2i you can define up to 12 custom functions with 36 settings while you can have 27 custom functions with 70 settings for the 7D. Lastly, the T2i uses SD memory cards that are more popular with consumer devices while the 7D sticks with Compact Flash cards that are common in professional grade cameras.

The choice between the two is rather easy considering that they both have near identical features and the T2i is priced much lower. But if you intend to use the camera in fast paced situations, the choice clearly leans towards the 7D.


1. The T2i is cheaper compared to the 7D

2. The 7D body is much better compared to the T2i

3. The T2i uses a Digic 4 image processor while the 7D uses two of the same image processors

4. The 7D can continuously shoot more images per second compared to the T2i

5. The 7D has more room for customizable functions compared to the T2i

6. The 7D has more autofocus points compared to the T2i

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