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Difference Between Canon Powershot SX10 and SX20

canon_powershot_sx20Canon Powershot SX10 vs SX20

The Canon Powershot SX20 is the upgraded version of the Canon Powershot SX10. It has quite a few upgraded features, such as an increase in the lens range from 12x to 20x, and the mega pixels have been increased to 12. Pictures taken with the SX20, therefore, have better clarity and quality compared to the SX10. The SX10’s mega pixels were only upgraded from 8 to 10.

The latest version of the SX10 still retains some of the features from the previously released model, such as the articulated LCD and the four AA-powered operations. It is a littler heavier at 1.5 pounds, but it has a big grip for plenty of holding room. The SX10 has a concentric dial (four-way navigation switch) with the function button in the middle, at the back of it, on the right-hand side. These controls are the same for the SX20. Canon uses this control layout for some of its most recent compact point-and-shoots, and, in many ways, this layout is a vast improvement. Both the SX10 and SX20 have these features, as well as thirteen primary shooting modes.

The main difference between the SX10 and the SX20, is that the SX20 includes a 720p HD Video Option. Unlike the SX10, it also supports the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), which enables the playback of images on HDTV. The SX20 has increased types of storage possibilities available when compared to the SX10. Additionally, it has the MMC and the MMC plus cards, which offer a greater storage capacity and a wider range of options.

The SX20’s flash range has been upgraded to 6.80 meters, from the original 5.20 meters of the SX10. The pixel density of the SX20 has also been increased, which allows for images with a better quality. The SX10’s pixel density is only 35Mp/cm², whereas the SX20 now has a pixel density of 43 Mp/cm².


1.The Canon Powershot SX20 is the upgraded version of the Canon Powershot SX10.

2.The Canon Powershot SX20 offers a better picture quality, because it has a higher number of mega pixels (12) when compared to the SX10, which has mega pixels of only 10.

3.Unlike the SX10, the SX20 includes the 720p HD Video option.

4.The SX10 does not support HDMI, whereas the SX20 can support this feature, and is able to playback images on a HDTV.

5.The flash range of the SX10 is only 5.2m, but the SX20’s flash range is 6.8m.

6.The Canon Powershot SX10 has a lower pixel density of 35Mp/cm², when compared to the pixel density of the SX20, which is 43 Mp/cm².

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