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Difference between Nikon D610 and Canon Rebel SL 1

Nikon D610 vs Canon Rebel SL 1

Whenever it comes to a comparison between DSLR cameras, the competition is always between the two super powers – Nikon and Canon. The Nikon D610 and the Canon Rebel SL 1 (also known as the EOS 100D are two of the budget category cameras from Nikon and Canon. Let’s check out the main differences between them and why either of them is worth buying if you’re looking for an entrance in to the world of DSLR photography.

The Canon EOS 100D or the Rebel SL 1 has a flip out screen, which is not available in the Nikon D610. The maximum light sensitivity in the 100D is 25600 ISO, whereas that of D610 is 6400 ISO. The display in the EOS 100D has a higher pixel density (501 vs. 442) ppi compared to the D610. The resolution in the Canon EOS 100D is 1250×833 pixels, which is higher than the NIkon D610. This model is also thinner than the D610. The 100D has a thickness of 69.4 mm, whereas the D610 has a thickness of 82 mm. The display in the Nikon D610 is not touchscreen. The weight is lighter in the EOS 100D and weighs almost half to that of the weight of D610. Compared to the Nikon D610, this model is quite narrower. In fact, it is narrower by 50.30 mm than the Nikon D610.

Now let’s check out the areas where the Nikon D610 beats the EOS 100D. The Nikon D610 features a 24p cinema mode, which is not available in the EOS 100D. It has a higher battery power, which is mathematically 2.17 times more than the 100D. The D610 has a built-in focus motor, which is not available in the 100D. The D610 features faster shooting at highest resolution. The cross type focus points are a lot more than the 100D. There are measurably 39 focus points compared to the 9 focus points in the 100D. The Nikon D610 is dustproof and water resistant. The megapixels at which photos can be shot, are higher and up to 24.3 mega pixels. It has an integrated microphone and the display screen is larger standing at 3.2″ compared to the 3″ display of the 100D. The sensor dimension is also larger when it comes to the Nikon D610. Comparing all the features of the two models, it’s definitely a better option to go for the Nikon D610 compared to the Canon Rebel SL 1 if price is not a factor to be taken under consideration.

Key Differences between Nikon D610 and Canon Rebel SL 1:

The Canon Rebel SL 1 has a flip out screen, but the Nikon D610 does not.
The pixel density in Rebel SL 1 is higher than that in Nikon D610.
The Rebel SL 1 has a touchscreen, but the Nikon D610 does not.
The Nikon D610 sports higher resolution photos.
The Nikon D610 has more focus points and the screen is larger than the Rebel SL 1.
The Nikon D610 is waterproof and dustproof. It has a microphone, but the Canon Rebel SL 1 does not.

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