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Difference Between Verizon Apple iPhone 4 and Motorola Droid X

Verizon Apple iPhone 4 vs. Motorola Droid X

CDMA, the lesser of the two cellular networks in use all over the world today, has a constant shortage of new phones; unlike GSM where new phones keep popping up every now and then. The introduction of the iPhone for Verizon has led people to ask whether it is a better choice than the Droid X. The first thing you should notice is the difference in size: the Droid X is bigger than the iPhone 4 in all dimensions including weight. The bigger frame of the Droid X holds a 4.3 inch screen. Compared to the 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone 4, the bigger screen of the Droid X is certainly better for browsing the internet and watching movies.

When it comes to storing movies and other media, the iPhone 4 has the advantage as it comes in 16 and 32 gigabyte versions while the Droid X only has 6.5GB of internal memory. Its saving grace is the microSD card slot which can accommodate card sizes of up to 32GB. In contrast, the iPhone is known for not having user accessible parts, so it is no surprise that there is no memory card slot of any type.

When it comes to cameras, the Droid X’s 8 megapixel sensor provides a higher resolution. However, the 5 megapixel camera of the iPhone 4 beats the camera of the Droid X as a total package. Not only does it take better pictures, but it is more responsive. Both cameras can take 720p videos, but the iPhone has a frame rate of 30fps compared to the Droid X’s frame rate of 24fps. 30fps is better as it scales down quite nicely to 15fps for online uploads.

Despite all the differences between phones, it all boils down to their operating systems. The Droid X runs Google’s Android, while the iPhone 4 has the iOS. Although there are many differences between the two operating systems, for most users, it’s all about the apps. Both have a treasure trove of apps to choose from but, for the meantime, it seems that the iPhone 4 has more.


1. The Droid X is slightly bigger and heavier than the iPhone 4
2. The Droid X has a bigger screen than the iPhone 4
3. The Droid X has less memory than the iPhone 4
4. The Droid X memory is expandable, while the iPhone 4 is not
5. The Droid X has a higher resolution camera than the iPhone 4
6. The Droid X runs on Android while the iPhone 4 has the iOS

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