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Difference Between HTC Inspire 4G and Apple iPhone 4

HTC Inspire 4G vs Apple iPhone 4

The HTC Inspire 4G is just another phone in a series of Android phones from HTC. Comparing it to the iPhone 4, which seems to be the current benchmark that smartphones need to compare to, we can easily see that the Inspire 4G has a much bigger screen; a formidable 4.3 inches to the iPhone’s 3.5 inches. The iPhone does win in terms of pixel density as it has the higher resolution. Although it is doubtful if such a minute difference is noticeable in such small screens.

When it comes to the camera, the iPhone 4 is renowned for taking great pictures but it seems to have been beaten by the camera on the Inspire 4G. The 8 megapixel camera on the Inspire 4G can take pictures that are equal, if not better, to pictures taken with the iPhone 4; not to mention that it can do that at higher resolutions, so large prints are less likely to appear blocky. It also has 2 LED flashes for more light while the iPhone 4 only has a single LED flash.

With features, both phones are pretty much equal, except for the fact that the Inspire 4G has an FM radio receiver while the iPhone 4 doesn’t. Yes, the iPhone 4 can tune in to internet radio, and so can the Inspire 4G, but it lacks the ability to tune-in into local radio stations.

One of the main advantages of the iPhone 4, as always is its internal memory. As there is no room for expansion, the iPhone 4 packs a whopping 16 or 32GB of memory. On the other hand, the Inspire 4G only has 4GB internal and relies on the microSD card slot, which can accommodate up 32GB memory cards, for additional storage.

Lastly, the two differ in operating systems; Inspire 4G has Android while the iPhone 4 has iOS. While Android was behind for quite some time, it is obvious that the two are in more or less equal footing today. Both enjoy a wide selection of apps and you can probably find an equivalent app for one that you like in the other. The choice between the two operating systems is solely based on your own preference.

The Inspire 4G has a bigger screen than the iPhone 4
The Inspire 4G has a better camera than the iPhone 4
The Inspire 4G has an FM radio while the iPhone 4 doesn’t
The iPhone 4 has more memory than the Inspire 4G
The iPhone 4 runs iOS while the Inspire 4G is on Android

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