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Difference Between DVD-R and CD-R


The technology of today is rapidly developing. So many years ago everybody was still using VHS. Then along comes the compact disc or the CD. After the CDs were the Digital Versatile Discs or the DVDs. DVDs and CDs have blank forms. This is where you can put your important data. Blank DVDs are called DVD-Rs while the blank CDs are called CD-Rs. Because the DVD is more advanced compared to CDs, people tend to think that all the advantages are in the DVD. Little do people know that CDs also have significant advantages against DVDs as a CD-R.

To know the disadvantages and advantages of each one, it is best to differentiate between them. When it comes to their basics, you can easily notice a significant difference when it comes to how much data it can store. DVD-Rs can hold up to 4.7 gigabytes while a CD-R can only hold up to 700 megabytes. However, when the DVD-R is formatted, it can only hold 4 gigabytes. CD-Rs can hold 74 minutes or up to 99 minutes of music.

Also, when it comes to definition, DVDs are more advanced in quality. The videos in the DVD are more focused on high definition compared to the CD. Not only can DVDs carry more files, the files in the DVD are also very clear.

In burning discs, you must have a DVD burner so that you can burn DVD-R discs. Your CD burner can’t burn DVD-R discs. Your DVD burner must be able to support DVD-R format. Your DVD burner may also be able to burn CD-Rs. In your car stereo, a CD player will not be able to read your DVD while your DVD player may be able to read your CD.

When it comes to prices, DVD-Rs used to be very expensive. Now that the manufacturing of DVDs has become easier, the prices of DVDs have decreased significantly. However, there is still a small gap in prices. CDs are still cheaper than DVDs. The price is one of the advantages that a CD has over a DVD.

Now that the DVD-R and the CD-R have been differentiated, it will be easier for you to choose which one you will be using for your projects and other file-saving activities. Have fun creating your very own music videos and mini-movies. Start saving today!



DVD-R can carry 4 gigabytes up to 4.7 gigabytes while a CD-R can carry 700 to 850 megabytes. This is equivalent to 73 to 99 minutes of sound recorded.

The DVD-R is more for high quality, and it has better definition than that of the CD-R.

DVD-R can’t be burned in CD burners while CD-R can be burned in DVD burners.

DVD-R can’t be played in a CD car stereo while a CD-R can be played in both CD and DVD players.

CD-R has a much cheaper price than a DVD-R; however, the difference is not that significant compared to how expensive DVD-Rs used to be.

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