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Blu ray and dvd are both optical discs. Nearly identical in size, blu ray discs and dvd’s have remarkably different storage capacities. A single layer dvd disc can hold approximately 4.7 gigabytes of data while a single layer blu ray disc of basically the same size can hold approximately 27 gigabytes of data. The difference in storage capacity and the option of double-layered and the potential for futre development has attracted the attention of every producer that uses disc technology.

Blu ray is a different technology applied to optical disc storage. Blu ray utilizes a different layer than dvd technology. Utilizing the short-wave length of a blue-violet laser, the technology is able to write data with greater precision, fitting more data onto the disc. The aperture setting used is also different to maximize the storage capacity. These changes have enabled more than double the data to be fit on a disc of comparable size.

DVD technology was released commercially at the end of the 1990’s. It revolutionized data storage. The technology originally used was chosen for its ability to provide continuous reliable storage while withstanding scratches. It was less efficient than other technologies that existed at the time, but it was the chosen technology based on its overall performance. DVD was embraced by the movie industry and the computer industry. It continues to hold the majority of the video market today and many computers continue to use the technology in drives. It continues to be prominent in the drives that are sold as peripherals.

Blu ray is considered to be the technology of the future. Among the selling points is the technology’s superior storage capacity. Another is the capacity of blu ray drives for backward compatibility. Many blu ray drives are able to write on blu ray and dvd discs and read both dvd and blu ray discs.

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