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Difference Between Nintendo DSi and Apple iPod Touch

Nintendo DSi vs Apple iPod Touch

The Nintendo DSi and Apple iPod Touch are portable devices that satisfy our craving for entertainment while on the go. The DSi is a gaming device first and foremost while the iPod Touch is a multimedia device; but the additional features of both mean that they overlap quite a bit in what they can provide a user.

The DSi comes in a clamshell form factor that is only slightly bigger than the iPod Touch when closed. While the iPod Touch is equipped with a single 3.5 inch touch screen display, the DSi has two but only one is touch sensitive. The touch sensitive screen of the DSi is used to provide additional control for games that use it. Another major difference is the presence of physical buttons in the DSi and its absence on the iPod Touch. Rubber buttons are much more resilient and can withstand a great deal of abuse, which is quite expected in a gaming device, before getting damaged. The lack of physical buttons does restrict the iPod Touch but it makes up for that with the addition of accelerometers and a three axis gyroscope. Gaming with the iPod Touch largely involves moving the entire device rather than pressing on buttons.

One major feature of the iPod Touch is its ability to record HD quality video at 720p. You can even edit your videos on the iPod Touch. Despite having two cameras, the DSi is not able to record video. It is only able to take photos. Even though the iPod Touch is not a phone, it can conduct video calls; a feature called FaceTime by Apple. The DSI also lacks the ability to conduct video calls despite having a front facing camera and a WiFi card.

The iPod Touch is more like a jack of all trades that can do pretty much everything and is a great gadget to have. On the other hand, the DSi is full-on gaming device; especially when you consider the games that Nintendo has.


  1. The DSi is a portable gaming device while the iPod Touch is a multimedia device
  2. The DSi has two separate screens while the iPod Touch only has one
  3. The DSi has dedicated gaming buttons while the iPod Touch does not
  4. The DSi does not have motion sensors while the iPod Touch does
  5. The DSi is not able to shoot video but the iPod Touch can record HD quality video
  6. The iPod Touch has video calling while the DSi does not

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