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Difference Between iTouch and iPod Touch

iTouch vs iPod Touch

The names of Apple’s products have become very popular, partly because of the products’ success and partly because of the commonality in their names. There’s the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. However, there is a bit of confusion about two names; the iTouch and iPod Touch. In reality, there is really no difference between the iPod Touch and the iTouch as they are both referring to the same product.

The iPod is Apple’s music player that entered the portable music market in 2001 and has been the undisputed market leader ever since. Over the years, several variants of the iPod appeared. From the classic version, there were also the iPod Mini, iPod Photo, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle, and iPod Touch. In the many products of Apple, there is actually none named iTouch. It is just an unofficial name that many users have given the iPod Touch. The confusion for the iPod Touch probably stems from its departure from the usual iPod design. It is virtually identical to the iPhone but without the calling features. This probably led some people to think that it is a totally different product and does not belong to the iPod line. Others just thought the name too long and used “iTouch” as a shorthand name for it.

Regardless of whether it is called iPod Touch or iTouch, there is no difference in what you are getting. Just like the iPhone, the iPod Touch or iTouch features a touch screen interface instead of the iconic clickwheel that is found on other iPods. Another thing that separates the iPod Touch from other iPods is the iOS operating system that is also used by the iPhone and the iPad. This basically lets the iPod Touch use applications that were created for the iPhone. So you can get games and the like on your iPod Touch.

The design of the iPod Touch is quite identical with the iPhone. Many critics questioned whether this is a good move as it is basically treated as an iPhone that cannot make calls. It is more logical to just get the iPhone and get all the features, or to get one of the cheaper iPods that provide the core functionality of the device.


1.iTouch is just another name for the iPod Touch.

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