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Difference Between Nikon Coolpix S60 and Coolpix S70

Nikon Coolpix S60 vs Coolpix S70

The Coolpix S60 and S70 are two consumer models from Nikon, a long time trusted name when it comes to digital cameras. The main selling point of both cameras is the 3.5inch touch screen display that they have at the back. Almost all controls have been eliminated and moved to the display, making both cameras look sleek. The main difference between the two cameras is the resolution of their sensors. The S60 comes with a 10 megapixel sensor while the S70 has a 12 megapixel sensor. Since both sensors are basically the same, you would not find any difference between the two aside from the maximum resolution that you can have.

When it comes to shooting images in low light conditions, the S70 wins out since its ISO rating can reach up to 6400 while the S50 can only reach up to 3200. The same is also true when shooting objects that are quite close. In normal shooting mode, the S70 can focus at a minimum distance of roughly a foot away while the S60 can only focus when the object is at least 2 feet away. With macro mode, we see the same trend at 3cm and 9cm respectively.

Although they both have the same sized display as previously stated, the S70 has an OLED (Organic LED) display while that of the S60 is the common LCD. OLED displays are better at showing colors and is more energy efficient than LCD but is not as durable. Despite that, it is still expected that the OLED display will outlast the useful life of the camera.

A point for the S60 is the presence of the HDMI connector. You can easily connect it to your HDTV and view the photos or videos that you took. The S70 lacks the HDMI connector and relies instead on a composite connector.

Lastly, the battery that comes with the S60 is the EN-EL10 that is rated at 740mAH. This battery is already good enough for most users but the S70 has it beat since it has the EN-EL12 with roughly 35% more capacity since it is rated at 1050mAH.

1. The S60 has an effective resolution of 10 megapixels while the S70 has 12 megapixels
2. The S70 has better ISO rating range than the S60
3. The S70 is better for close shots than the S60
4. The S70 has an OLED display while the S60 has an LCD display
5. The S70 does not have a HDMI connector while the S60 does
6. The S70 comes with a higher capacity battery than the S60

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