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Difference Between Nikon D80 and Nikon D90

nikon_d90Nikon D80 vs. Nikon D90

Nikon’s D80 digital camera was a revelation in photography technology as it came equipped with a high resolution LCD screen, 11 point autofocus, and in-camera editing functions. Most cameras prior to the D80 with the same bulk and makeup never had the picture quality or range of motion. The D80 also comes equipped with a built-in flash that is capable of noting inefficiencies in lighting and monitor flash so as to not overexpose the film.

On the other hand, Nikon’s D90 offers a larger LCD screen –offering 3′ while the D80 offers 2.5′– and faster image capture per frame (from 3 fps to 4.5 fps, where the D90 offers 3 fps). The D90 also offers a greater ISO than the D80–6400 as opposed to the D80’s 1600–. The increase in ISO means that the image quality in low lights will be greatly increased. The D90 offers a new Live View feature that enables the photographer the ease of shooting without having to look into the viewfinder.

The most notable differences between the D80 and D90 are in resolution and in accessories. While the D80 does promise incredible resolution with its 10.2 megapixels, the D90 offers even broader range of shooting dynamics, sporting a 12.3 megapixel resolution. This, of course, ensures the photographer that his pictures will come out a bit more pristine with the D90, no matter what the printing size. One will also note that the D90 comes equipped with HD movie recording technology not available on the D80.

When talking cameras, the main draw is price. As the advent of the D90 took over in 2009, the D80 decreased its price drastically, making for a price difference between the two cameras a staggering $500. Even at a bargain price, the D90 just does not compare in price to the D80 (offering a new price as low as $950, while the D90’s lowest price for a new model is about $1100).

1. The Nikon D80 offers a 2.5′ LCD screen; the Nikon D90 offers a 3′ LCD screen.
2. The Nikon D80 carries an ISO of up to 1600; the Nikon D90 offers an ISO of up to 6400.
3. The Nikon D80 offers a resolution of 10.2 megapixels; the Nikon D90 offers a resolution of 12.3 megapixels.
4. The Nikon D80 offers a frame per shot rate of 3 fps; the Nikon D90 offers a frame per shot rate of up to 4.5 fps.
5. The Nikon D90 offers an HD movie recording technology; the Nikon D80 does not offer a video feature.
6. The Nikon D80 comes at a new listing price of less than $1000; the D90 comes at a listing price of around $1100.

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  1. pl in from me about of nikon d90 slr camara/ canon eos 550d best?

    • go for d90…i am using it…and pretty impressed….u will have full and fastest control on manual mode. handling is much easier than canon.


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