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Difference between Nikon D5300 & Canon Rebel SL 1

Nikon D5300 vs Canon Rebel SL 1

Whenever there is a comparison among the best DLSR camera models available in the market today, two giants of the camera industry – Nikon and Canon must be a part of the discussion. The Canon Rebel SL 1 (Canon EOS 100D) and the Nikon D5300 are two great DSLRs from Canon and Nikon. Let’s check out their basic differences and see who wins the race between the two.

The Nikon D5300 is a pretty decent model from Nikon and has a lot of reasons to win over the Canon Rebel SL 1. This model features a GPS and the sensor is also larger than the EOS 100D. The screen size is bigger and the video quality of twice better than that of EOS 100D. Sometimes, the resolution at which you can shot the photos, becomes an important parameter. The megapixels in the Nikon D5300 is 24.1 compared to the 18.5 MP in the Canon EOS 100D. This really drops the Canon Rebel SL 1 down a few points! The Nikon D5100 features a stereo microphone, but the EOS 100 D does not. The number of focus points in the Nikon D5300 is 39, which is clearly a lot more than the only 9 focus points in the Canon Rebel SL 1.

However, the Canon EOS 100D or the Canon Rebel SL 1 features a 24p cinema mode. This feature is not found in the Nikon D5300. A flip out screen is an advantage as it allows you to take snaps in critical and tricky spots. The Canon Rebel SL 1 has a flip out screen. This screen is also touch sensitive, which is another big advantage. There is a microphone and an audio jack socket in the Canon EOS 100D. The lens in the EOS 100D is branded and another good point for choosing the EOS 100D is that it has a smaller volume and weight compared to the large form factor of the Nikon D5300. These two models are actually pretty competitive and you can’t really declare a single one as a clear winner. Considering that both these models basically fall in the entry level category, you can choose any one and won’t have any regrets.

Key Differences between Nikon D5300 and Canon Rebel SL 1:

The Nikon D5300 features GPS, which is not available in the Canon Rebel SL 1.
The Nikon D5300 has a larger sensor, which is 10% larger than the Canon Rebel SL 1.
The Nikon D5300 features Wi-Fi, but the Rebel SL 1 does not.
The Nikon D5300 has a better video recording quality than the Canon Rebel SL 1.
The Nikon D5300 has more focus points than the Canon Rebel SL 1.
The SL 1 features a flip out screen, but the Nikon D5300 does not.
The screen on the SL 1 is touch sensitive and it also has a microphone, which are not available in the Nikon D5300.
The video autofocus mode in the Canon Rebel SL 1 is faster than that of Nikon D5300.

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