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Difference Between Nikon D70 and Nikon D70s

Nikon D70 vs Nikon D70s

As you may have already guessed from the names of these cameras, since they carry the same model number but the latter has an additional suffix, they are almost identical. Both cameras carry the same sensor so you would expect that they would produce roughly the same image quality. The D70s just introduced a few minor improvements to improve the overall experience of the user.

To start with, the D70s has a 2.0 inch LCD display at the rear providing a slightly bigger display to view images and settings with. The D70 only had a 1.8 inch display. A 0.2 inch difference might seem negligible but this diagonal increase on such a small display is quite noticeable.

Another improvement is in the battery capacity of the D70s. Instead of the EN-EL3 battery that you would find on the D70, the D70s is now equipped with the EN-EL3a. The bigger battery capacity of the D70s allows for more shots to be taken in between charges. If you already have the D70 though, you can still extend your battery life by obtaining an optional battery grip that attaches to your camera.

Although you should not expect any major difference in picture quality, the D70s does have a couple of improvements with regards to the image being taken. First is the improved autofocus accuracy. If you rely on autofocus a lot, you may notice that the images you take with the D70s is a bit sharper than that of the D70. The coverage of the flash has also been improved in the D70s, allowing you to light up a greater amount of area so that the lighting in your image is more balanced.

Lastly, the D70s has redesigned menus and certain areas may no longer be identical to that of the D70. Changes in the menu is rather hard to describe so it is better that you inspect both cameras yourself so that you can decide on which one suits you more.

1. The Nikon D70s is just the D70 with a few minor improvements
2. The Nikon D70s has a slightly bigger LCD screen than the D70
3. The Nikon D70s has a slightly higher battery capacity than the D70
4. The Nikon D70s has better focus accuracy compared to the D70
5. The Nikon D70s has a wider flash coverage compared to the D70
6. The Nikon D70s’ menu has been redesigned and is no longer identical to the D70

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