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Difference Between Nikon D80 and D60

d80_amaNikon D80 vs D60

The Nikon D80 and D60 are two DSLR cameras from Nikon. The D80 has often been dubbed as a scaled down version of the much more pricey D200 while the D60 has been seen as an upgrade over the D40. The specifications of both cameras are roughly the same as they both have sensors that are almost identical to each other in terms of resolution. They also have the same sized LCD but the LCD of the D60 has been improved slightly.

The advantage of the D80 lies in the number of advanced features that are more commonly found in more expensive models. The first is in the number of areas it can focus on. The D60 only has three focus areas while the D80 has 11. You can focus your subject with the D80 better and have sharper images without having to recompose, which is what you would have to do with the D60. You can also use the autofocus feature of the D80 whether you have an AF-S or non AF-S lens. The D60’s autofocus only works with AF-S lenses, manual focus is mandatory for non AF-S lenses.

Despite being behind in the more important features as stated above, the D60 also has some technological improvements that are not present in the D80. The D60 has an eye sensor that detects when you are looking at the viewfinder and turns off the LCD display to save power. This might be quite handy if you often switch between the viewfinder and the LCD screen. The D60 also has a dust sensor cleaning unit that helps you keep the dust off from your final images.

Buying either a D80 or a D60 should be up to what the user’s level is. For photographers who are already familiar with the ropes and are looking for a cheaper alternative to the D200, the D80 is a good choice with its advanced features. For an aspiring photographer who wants an excellent camera that captures good images, the D60 is a good choice due to its added features that lengthen battery life and the time between thorough cleaning.

1.The Nikon D80 is a scaled down D200 while the D60 is an upgraded D40
2.D60 has an improved LCD compared to the D80
3.The D80 has 11 focus areas much more than the 3 that the D60 has
4.The D80 can focus with non AF-S lenses while the D60 cannot
5.The D60 has a dust sensor cleaning unit absent in the D80
6.The D60 has an eye sensor

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