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Difference Between Nintendo Wii and PSP

Nintendo Wii vs PSP

There are a lot of choices when it comes to gaming. There are consoles, PC gaming, portables, and many more. The Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP are two representatives of different categories. This is the most significant difference between the two as this would probably be the criteria that buyers use when choosing between the two. The Nintendo Wii is a standard console that requires a bit of space while the PSP is a portable unit that you can take with you anywhere. Understandably, the PSP does not have as much complexity as the Wii can afford considering that the hardware needs to fit into a very small space.

As a portable unit, the PSP can work pretty much on its own without needing to connect to any other appliance; aside from the wall outlet from time to time of course. But with the Wii, you need to have a TV set as it does not have its own display.

One major change in the Wii is the addition of motion sensors that allow the controller to detect the movements of the player and translates them into commands that the game understands. With motion sensors, gaming goes beyond the simple button mashing that is common in other gaming consoles. The PSP has no such capability and all input is through the digital buttons and analog joystick.

There is also a major difference between the media of both devices. The Wii uses the standard sized 120mm disc that is identical to CDs and DVDs in size. On the other hand, the PSP uses the smaller 80mm format. But while it is smaller, Sony packaged it in an integrated case that makes it bulkier to bring around.

Basically, this is like comparing apples to tomatoes. They may both be round and red, but inside they are fairly different.  Obviously, you should know what you want before going out and buying either unit. If you stay at home most of the time, the Wii is probably better but the PSP is still an option. If you are stuck waiting at different locations throughout the day, then the PSP is your only choice; or any of the other portable gaming devices.


  1. The PSP is portable while the Wii is not
  2. The PSP works on its own while you need to connect the Wii to a TV set
  3. The Wii senses motion while the PSP does not
  4. The Wii uses 120mm discs while the PSP uses 80mm discs

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