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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Blackberry Storm 2

Nokia N8 vs Blackberry Storm 2

The Nokia N8 and Blackberry Storm 2 are two phones that are aimed towards business oriented people. The main difference between the two is their operating system as the N8 runs on the latest Symbian operating system while the Storm uses Blackberry’s own OS. Blackberry is quite renowned for their corporate email infrastructure and many companies subscribe to their service for their communication. On the other hand, Symbian offers a little bit for everybody. And with its renowned efficiency, it doesn’t need very fast hardware in order to have a quality user experience.

The display of the N8 is much better compared to that of the Storm 2. It is bigger by a quarter of an inch and uses gorilla glass for maximum resilience against dropping and scratches when placed inside the pocket with keys. The display itself is an AMOLED display, which has better contrast and is excellent a color reproduction. The Storm 2 uses an LCD screen like most of the phones in the market today.

Both phones can utilize microSD cards for expansion but the N8 has the upper edge by having 16GB of internal memory while the Storm 2 only has 2GB of memory. Expansion is a relative must with the Storm 2 but the N8 can satisfy the storage needs of most users.

The N8 probably has the best camera among smartphones. Its 12 megapixel sensor, coupled with Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus, can produce photographs that you’ve come to expect from digital cameras. The camera of the Storm 2 is not just inferior to the N8’s, but at a paltry 3.2 megapixels, it is even inferior to most of the smartphones available today. The N8 is also capable of recording video at HD quality while the Storm 2 is not. The lack of a secondary camera adds more to the offence and eliminates features like video calling.

Lastly, a minor feature addition to the N8 is the FM radio; good when you want to listen to live radio and no reliable data connection is available. The Storm 2 does not have this feature.


  1. The N8 uses Symbian OS while the Storm 2 uses Blackberry OS
  2. The N8 has a much better display than the Storm 2
  3. The N8 has more internal memory than the Storm 2
  4. The N8 has a much better camera than the Storm 2
  5. The N8 is capable of HD video recording while the Storm 2 is not
  6. The N8 has a FM radio while the Storm 2 does not

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