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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Blackberry Torch

Nokia N8 vs Blackberry Torch

The N8 and Torch are handsets from two of the biggest names when it comes to business smartphones. Nokia is a major player in mobile phones while Blackberry practically invented push email. The N8 uses the Symbian operating system, which is used by practically all Nokia phones, while the Torch uses Blackberry’s own OS. For business people, there is really no choice as the choice is made by the company. Ordinary users can have either one as they are probably not tied to either system.

Another key difference between them is their form factor. The N8 is a candybar, which is basically a box with very little moving part. On the other hand, the Torch is a slider. It is composed of two major halves, the front and the back, and they slide on rails. The rear half contains a full QWERTY keyboard that is not found on the N8. The keyboard allows for much faster typing of messages and emails compared to the touch screen. Although, the Torch also has a soft keyboard if you want to use it.

One major advantage of the N8 is the very high resolution of its camera. The Torch has a 5 megapixel camera that is at about par for most smartphones. But the N8 has a 12 megapixel camera that is more typical of digital cameras. It may not produce as pictures that are as good as a camera but the much larger resolution allows the N8 to take much finer and bigger images than most other smartphones. There is also the matter of video. The N8 is able to record HD quality 720p video while the Torch, surprisingly cannot. Other phones with a 5 megapixel sensor can take 720p vide; the iPhone 4 is a good example. This shortcoming is attributed to the very weak processor of the Torch. It simply cannot handle the amount of data that it gets.

The Torch is a pretty good smartphone but it seems dated especially when pitted against one of the latest phones; like the N8.


  1. The N8 runs the Symbian OS while the Torch runs the Blackberry OS
  2. The N8 is a candybar while the Torch is a slider
  3. The Torch has a QWERTY keyboard while the N8 does not
  4. The N8 has a better camera than the Torch
  5. The N8 can record at HD quality video while the Torch cannot

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