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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Dell Streak

Nokia N8 vs Dell Streak

The Nokia N8 and the Dell Streak are two smartphones that vie for the high-end market. The two share many of the same features that are to be expected from smartphones but there are also differences between the two; the biggest of which is the size. The Streak is a much bigger phone than the N8 and many has considered its size as borderline between smartphones and tablet computers like the iPad. It’s 5cm longer and 2cm wider than the N8 but it is thinner by 2 mm. The size of the Streak is due largely to the huge 5 inch screen. The bigger screen lends itself nicely to web browsing and navigation where more content is always better.

Under the hood, the most significant difference between the two is the operating system that they are using; the Streak uses Android while the N8 uses Nokia’s Symbian operating system. The two operating systems are not compatible and they have their own pros and cons. Symbian has been around for quite some time so it’s been polished and works quite nicely. On the other hand, the Streak uses version 1.6 of Android; although functional, it lacks many features. Upgrading to version 2.2 should solve many of these inadequacies.

It is not only the operating system as the two phones also differ when it comes to the heart of the device; the processor. The N8 uses a 680Mhz ARM processor while the Streak uses the much powerful 1Ghz SnapDragon processor. More processing power means faster response and better multitasking.

In terms of non-essential features, the N8 has the upper hand. It sports a 12 megapixel camera sensor while the Streak has the more common 5 megapixel sensor. With sensor resolution, more is always better; especially when coupled with Nokia’s high-end optics. The N8 is also equipped with an FM radio while the Streak is not. FM is still a good alternative when you get bored of your own playlists and online radio is not an option.


  1. The Streak is much bigger than the N8
  2. The Streak has a much bigger screen than the N8
  3. The Streak uses Android while the N8 uses the Symbian operating system
  4. The Streak has a much stronger processor than the N8
  5. The N8 camera is much better than the Streak’s
  6. The N8 is equipped with an FM radio while the Streak is not

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