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Difference Between Nokia C7 and Nokia N8

Nokia C7 vs Nokia N8

The N8 is Nokia’s first phone to feature the Symbian-3 operating system which, at that time, was the supposed replacement of the practically ancient S60. With Nokia and Microsoft announcing that future Nokia smartphones would be carrying Windows 7 Phone, the Symbian-3 line is effectively terminated, but there should still be a few more models to carry it. The C7 is one such phone, and it is mainly a budget version of the N8 for those who think that the N8’s price tag is too high.

Of course, with a cheaper price comes lesser features, but there is one advantage to this: The C7 is slimmer than the N8. The C7 won’t bulge as much as the N8 in your pocket, and it certainly looks sleeker. Aside from that and the price difference, it’s all downhill from here.

The main reason that the C7 is thinner than the N8 is the removal of the camera module. Although the camera of the C7 still takes beautiful pictures, its 8 megapixel sensor and fixed-focus lens just don’t compare to the 12 megapixel sensor and specialized autofocus lens on the N8. The C7 still retains the ability to record 720p video, though so there is still a lot you can do with it even if it’s not at par with the N8.

Memory has also been cut down in half in the C7. Rather than the 16GB storage capacity of the N8, the C7 only has 8GB. No worries, though. In case you max it, you can just pop a microSD card for up to 32GB of additional storage. Another lost feature is the HDMI port. With it you can stream your HD video from the N8 straight to your HDTV or other HD-capable devices. The C7 only gets a standard TV-out so you can stream HD video.

Lastly, the C7 doesn’t have the solid feel and classy look achieved by the N8 with its aluminum body. The C7 uses plastics that are typical of most other phones in the market.


1.The C7 is the budget version of the N8.
2.The C7 is thinner than the N8.
3.The C7 doesn’t have the superior camera of the N8.
4.The C7 has half the memory of the N8.
5.The C7 doesn’t have the HDMI port of the N8.
6.The C7 doesn’t have the aluminum body of the N8.

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