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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Samsung i9000

Nokia N8 vs Samsung i9000

The Nokia N8 and Samsung i9000 are very popular smartphones with excellent features. There is really not a lot you can ask for that is not in these two phones already. The main difference between the two is the operating system. The N8 runs on Symbian^3, a major upgrade over the S60 5th edition that is currently Symbian’s flagship OS. On the other hand, the i9000 ships with Android 2.1 but is upgradeable to 2.2. There is word yet on a 2.3 upgrade. The fact that the i9000 is shipped with an OS that is two versions older than the current one doesn’t mean that the i9000 is old, it is just a result of the extremely rapid development on Android.

Hardware-wise, the i9000 has a more powerful core that is centered on the 1Ghz hummingbird processor with 512MB of RAM and 2GB of ROM for applications. The N8 only has a 680Mhz processor to work with 256MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM but compensates with the efficiency of Symbian to make most of the available resources. The screens of both phones have a lot in common. They both use Samsung’s AMOLED display for superior image quality and readability under direct sunlight. They also employ gorilla glass to protect against scratches and breaking. The difference between the two screens is in their respective sizes. The N8 has a 3.5 inch display while the i9000 has a 4 inch display. Their respective sizes are complemented by their resolutions; 360×640 for the former and 480×800 for the latter. The difference in size is reflected as well in the battery as the i9000 has a battery with 20% more capacity than the N8. This results in an extra hour of calls and up to 260 more hours of standby time.

It is with the camera where the N8 wins over the i9000. The 12 megapixel sensor is simply too much for the 5 megapixel sensor on the i9000. The i9000 can take pretty good pictures but under common conditions, the photos from the N8 would always be better. The tide is reversed when it comes to video because even though both phones can take 720p video the N8 uses 25fps while the i9000 uses 30fps. For online videos, 30fps is better as it can be easily pulled down to 15fps without much loss.


  1. The N8 runs Symbian^3 while the i9000 is on Android
  2. The i9000 is backed by a more powerful core than the N8
  3. The i9000 has more memory than the N8
  4. The i9000 has a bigger display compared to the N8
  5. The i9000 has a bigger battery than the N8
  6. The N8 camera is better than the i9000 camera

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