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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Samsung i18910

Nokia N8 vs Samsung i8910

The Samsung i8910 is also known as the Omnia HD, largely because it is able to take and play HD video. The Nokia N8 is another smartphone that offers top of the line multimedia capabilities. So let’s look at the differences between these two phones. The i8910 runs on the very reliable Symbian S60 5th edition. The main downside of this operating system is its age as it is the oldest among the smartphone operating systems today. On the other hand, the N8 runs on Symbian^3; the designated replacement of the S60. It is more up to date and supports more features that are expected of smartphones natively.

It is not only the operating that is different as they also have different processors powering them. The N8 has the more powerful 680Mhz ARM 11 processor while the i8910 runs on a slower 600Mhz A8 ARM processor. A faster processor allows for faster response and a better overall performance. Both phones have excellent AMOLED displays but the i8910 has the slightly bigger one; measuring at 3.7 inches while the N8’s screen only measures 3.5 inches. There is no difference in resolution though and each pixel in the i8910 is simply bigger than its counterpart on the N8.

As always, it is with the camera where the N8 truly shines when comparing it with other phones. The i8910 may have very similar features to the N8’s camera but the 12 megapixel sensor of the N8 can take better photos than what the 8 megapixel sensor on the i8910 can take. The N8 adds a touch of class by utilizing aluminum for its body while adding some rigidity to the whole phone. The I8910 body is made up of plastics, which is more typical of lower end phones.

Lastly, the i8910 gains a few points for having a larger battery than the N8. It can have an extra hour of calls or up to 200 hours more standby time on a single charge. Battery life is quite important, especially for heavy users who are on the phone all day long.


  1. The N8 runs on Symbian 3 while the i8910 runs on S60 5th edition
  2. The N8 is powered by a stronger processor than the i8910
  3. The N8 has a smaller screen than the i8910
  4. The N8 has a better camera than the i8910
  5. The N8 body is made mostly of metal while the i8910 is all plastic
  6. The N8 has a smaller battery than the i810

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