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Difference between Roku XS and XD

Roku XS vs XD

Roku is a company that sells digital media products and specializes in streaming entertainment devices. Some of their most recent products are Roku XS and Roku XD. Below is a thorough review of the differences which have been instituted in the program to ensure you can choose wisely if you are considering to buy one of these.

One of the things that stands out in the Roku XS is that it comes with a different remote that offers many features as opposed to Roku XD. It is also important to note that the remote for the XS, even with the numerous changes that it comes with, can work in any device. This means that if you happen to upgrade to the XS, there is no need to check which remote you need, as any of the two would work.

If you are a game lover, then you are in luck. Roku XS comes pre-loaded with a free game as opposed to Roku XD that does not come loaded with a game. This is an excellent thought to try when you are idle, as the game is also engaging. The XS has seen it fit to have the device wired and not employ the use of the USB port for wiring. This is a really difficult move to look at as the XD seems to be the better of the two which has optional wiring.

The price tag of the XS is slightly higher as opposed to the XD, possibly due to some of the features that have been included in the XS. It would seem that the features included in the XD are not as numerous and do not make much of a difference from the gaming experiences as from that of the XD, with the XD seemingly being the preference. It would thus mean that the people in R&D need to work harder to make more interesting features that make a difference to the masses. Roku XD also offers the ability to stream HD movies of 1080p.

Both devices are Wi-Fi compatible and the XS models seem to go a slight notch higher, offering a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet of which is found in the XS model only. Both allow HD video, though other formats such as 480i, 480p and 720p are supported, either via composite video or via HDMI. The aspect ratios that the two can adapt to are the 16:9 and the 4:3.

The XS model offers the Bluetooth game remote that comes with a motion sensor when playing games. This is not available for the XD, which only comes with an infrared remote. It should be commendable that the XS has not come with an increase in size, meaning that it ought to fit in the entertainment setup very easily.

Both gadgets come with the provision that allows for a MicroSD card to be inserted. This means that the internal memory can be expanded for storage of games and channels. In the event that the expansion of a Micro SD card is not done, newer content deletes old content of games and channels to create space.

A change with the Bluetooth receiver of the XS is great and makes one play a game just as one would with a Wii remote, getting into the game realtime.


Roku is a company that sells digital media products
Roku XS is superior in that it comes with a different remote
Roku XS offers a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
XS model offers the Bluetooth game remote that comes with a motion sensor

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