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Difference between Roku and Slingbox

Roku vs Slingbox

With all the videos streaming on Netflix, is not easy to get people buy your video-streaming device. Roku has dealt with this quite efficiently and Roku 3 offers a lot more contents sources with blazing fast navigation and an Apple-TV competent onscreen interface. The processor has been updated and program switching has become incredibly faster. The overhauled interface and the cross platform search has been improved letting you find your favorite show in seconds. It offers more than 750 channels including the most popular one world-wide. The new remote brought by Roku comprises of a built in headphone jack. If you’re living with your room mate or have a habit of watching late-night movies, this is exactly what you want. Although Netflix is always there to stream movies for you, the Roku offers a lot more features for you to get one.

The Roku 3 has an extremely fast processor resulting into faster streaming response than any other streaming devices. The only con that can be considered in the Roku is that it does not officially support YouTube videos. And there are a few services whose interface are more update on other streamers. If you’re in an Apple ecosystem, the Apple TV is perfect for you. But the Roku 3 can be a great choice when your main focus is to stream personal digital media.

The Slingbox was an amazing product which existed back in the days when TV streaming apps were not in everybody’s pocket. This device helps to stream the signal of your home TV to a computer or any other device connected. Slingbox brought the Pro-HD model in 2008 and the latest Slingbox 500 was released last on fall 2012.

The latest model of the Slingbox has acquired quite some popularity and the best part of Slingbox 500 is that it can stream video from your TV or DVR to any device at full HD resolutions. The box contains the IR blasters relieving from the annoying mess of handling long cables. Monthly payment is not required. The Slingbox 500 features Wi-Fi and HDMI and can also stream photos and videos from smartphones and tablets. The con of Slingbox 500 is the price factor and it’s very expensive. The apps for smartphone and tablets will cost extra. The streaming quality will be the same as that of the bandwidth of your home. Getting a Slingbox does not necessarily mean that the streaming quality of your TV streaming.

Key Differences between Roku and Slingbox:

  • The Roku is a video streaming device. Slingbox is an adapter for streaming your TV.

  • Roku comes with an enhanced remote control whereas the Slingbox uses a standard remote control.

  • Roku allows internet video and radio playback along with internet gaming, which is not available on Slingbox.

  • Roku is available at a very reasonable price compared to the Slingbox, which costs almost 3 times more than the Roku.  

  • There are many content sources in Roku, but the Slingbox allows you to view only the contents from the sources streamed on your TV or DVR.

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