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Difference Between Samsung B Series and Samsung C Series

Samsung B Series vs Samsung C Series

Samsung is a quite well known manufacturer of electronics that range from portable devices like mobile phones to household appliances like TVs. The B and C series are Samsung HDTV sets and these are what you would commonly encounter in stores nowadays. You would probably see two TV models like the LN32B530 and LN32C530 and wonder what is the difference between the one with the B and the one with the. Well, the main difference between the two would be model year as the B series includes the 2009 models and the C Series include the 2010 models; consequently, the A series was produced in 2008.

When comparing TV sets, you should consider that each series has high-end and low end models; so you should only compare equivalent models from each series like those mentioned above. Generally, the differences between the B series and C series are not really that many. The most significant hardware difference is the contrast ratio of the screen itself. The B series has a dynamic contrast ratio of 7,000:1 while the C series has a contrast ratio of 80,000:1. The higher contrast ratio of the C series allows it to produce darker blacks than the B series models. You can truly appreciate this in movies or shows with dark scenes like in caves or similar locations. The higher contrast ratio is also said to help in reproducing much better and vibrant colors.

Another difference between the two is the additional HDMI port of the C series. The B series models already have an HDMI port as it is quite essential for an HDTV set to be able to connect with other HD equipment, like your swanky Blu-ray player. The C series simply has more HDMI ports and you can connect more devices to it, which should be more convenient than constantly removing one device in order to attach another.

Overall, the C series is definitely better than its predecessor but not by much. If prices are pretty close to each other, the C series would be e definite winner. If the C series is priced too high for your taste, then B series models are a pretty good option.


  1. The B Series are 2009 models while the C Series are 2010 models
  2. The C Series have a better contrast ratio than the B Series
  3. The C Series have an additional HDMI port that the B Series does not have

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