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Difference Between Sony Bravia S Series and V Series

sony_bravia_v_amazonSony Bravia S Series vs V Series

Sony’s Bravia television sets are well known for being very high end and often very high price. With the S series and V series, people are quite confused about what is the difference between these two lines of HDTVs. The answer is in the colors that the screen can produce. Sony claims that the V series is specifically enhanced so that it is able to produce much better colors that are life-like, a capability that isn’t in the S series TVs.

Sony claims that this color enhancement is achieved through three factors that work together to create these life-like colors. The first is the use of WCG-CCFL(Wide Color Gamut ‘“ Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) backlighting that provides light that has a much wider gamut of colors compared to ordinary CCFls. The V series sets are also said to use a different kind of color filters that work very well with the WCG-CCFL to even enhance the color reproduction even further. The last component in this mechanism is the Bravia Engine, which is the electronic circuitry that decodes and processes the HD signal in order to decipher the right coloration of each pixel in the screen. With these three working in tandem, the V series can produce better colors that are more vibrant than the S series or any other HDTV set available.

The most easy difference to identify is the one on the price tag as the V series models are more expensive than the S series. Some people are even questioning whether the difference between the two is worth spending more cash. Surely, this would be a subjective matter when it comes to the worthiness of the live color creation feature of the Bravia V Series. So, when deciding and buying either an S or V series Bravia, you should head on out to the stores and ask the sales person to have these run side by side. Only then can you see just how good the V series is and decide if its worth the extra money.

1.They are basically the same except that Sony claims the V series reproduces colors much better than the S series
2.The S series has a standard backlight while the V series uses WCG-CCFL backlighting
3.Sony also used a different kind of color filter in the V series that works very well with WCG-CCFL
4.The V Series costs more than the S Series

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