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Difference Between Samsung Corby and Samsung Genoa

Samsung Corby vs Samsung Genoa

The Corby is Samsung’s hip and affordable entry into touch capable phones that seems to be the new fad nowadays. When most people thought that touch screen phones couldn’t go any cheaper, Samsung released the Genoa, which is also known as the Corby pop. The Genoa is basically a stripped down version of the Corby that is also sold at a lower price. The difference in price is quite small though that some people think it is not worth it to go for the Genoa.

The most significant difference between the two would be the camera as it the Corby has a 2 megapixel camera while the Genoa has a 1.3 megapixel camera. It might not seem to be such a big deal with other smartphones sporting 5 to 8 megapixel cameras. But at the low end of the spectrum, a loss of .7 megapixels can result in very substandard photos.

A key selling point of the Corby is the interchangeable back panels that come in different colors. Each unit of the Corby comes with two extra jackets that you can choose from depending on your mood. The Genoa foregoes this feature and comes in either black or pink and that’s it. It might not be such a major deciding factor for most adults, but younger users may prefer to have the ability to slightly vary their handset from time to time.

Cosmetically, the two handsets look almost identical since they have the same sized screens and the same keys upfront. The only telltale sign that you looking at a Genoa is the more rounded lines between the screen and the keys. With the Corby, that line is straight and quickly angles up at the sides.

Aside from those mentioned above, all the hardware and software of the Genoa and Corby are exactly identical. The only reason for choosing a Genoa over the Corby is if you are totally strapped for cash and your budget just fits the price of the Genoa. If you can spare a bit more, the Corby is probably the better choice between the two.


1. The Genoa is the slightly cheaper version of the Corby

2. The Genoa has a lower resolution camera than the Corby

3. The Genoa does not have replaceable back panels like that of the Corby

4. The Genoa sports a more rounded look than the Corby

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