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Difference Between Samsung Corby Pro and Samsung Corby Plus

Samsung Corby Pro vs Samsung Corby Plus

The Corby is Samsung’s line of touch phones and many variants exist to provide different user needs. The Corby pro and plus are the two models that contains a slide out keyboard for faster typing of email or text messages. Both phones look a lot alike but the differences go much farther than skin deep. The most important thing is that the Corby pro is a 3G phone while the Corby plus is 2G. This means that the Corby plus cannot make use of many 3G features like high speed internet and video calling. Even with Wi-Fi the Corby plus losses out as it does not have a transmitter while the Corby pro does. This means that the Corby plus can only depend on EDGE for mobile connectivity and probably USB sharing whenever available.

Another piece of hardware that the Corby pro has is the GPS receiver. This allows the user to track where he is anywhere on the surface of the earth and even to use his phone as a viable navigation device. Again, the Corby plus lacks this function and cannot provide a reliable method of tracking.

Most 3G phones have two cameras; one for taking pictures and the other for video calling. The Corby pro has both but the Corby plus only has the main camera as it cannot do video calls. Even with the main camera, the Corby plus is inferior as it has a 2 megapixel camera compared to the 3 megapixel camera of its superior counterpart.

Lastly, there are two minor differences that may be worth taking note of. The internal memory of the Corby pro is 100MB while that of the Corby plus is only 20MB. Both units can take microSD cards though so expansion is always an option. Although the screens of both devices have the same size and resolution, that of the Corby pro is able to show up to 16 million colors while that of the Corby plus can only replicate up to 262 thousand colors. Not really deal breakers, but these could sway a buyer’s decision one way or the other.


1. The Corby pro is a 3G phone while the Corby plus is just a 2G phone

2. The Corby pro is equipped with Wi-Fi while the Corby plus is not

3. The Corby pro has a GPS receiver while the Corby plus does not

4. The Corby pro has a better camera than the Corby plus

5. The Corby pro has more internal memory compared to the Corby plus

6. The Corby pro has a better screen than the Corby plus

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