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Difference Between Samsung ST500 and ST550

Samsung ST500 vs ST550

The ST500 and ST550 are point-and-shoot cameras that Samsung has released for the European market. The near identical names of the two and the concurrent release should already give you a hint that these two phones are not that dissimilar from each other. The main difference between the two is price as the ST500 is roughly $50 cheaper than the ST550.

A difference in price is always accompanied with a difference in hardware, and so far there have been many incorrect rumors about what the ST500 does and does not have. Official specs from Samsung reveal that the only difference between the ST500 and the ST550 is the screen. The former has a smaller 3-inch screen while the latter has a 3.5-inch screen. The screen of the ST550 is also much better as it can display the picture with far more color accuracy than what the ST500 can manage. There is also a very small difference in weight with the ST550 weighing in at roughly 16 grams lighter than the ST550. Although with such a miniscule weight difference, it is doubtful that you would even notice that.

Aside from the difference in price, screen size, and weight, the two are pretty much identical; sporting 12 megapixel sensors, 4.6 optical zoom, and utilizing microSD/SDHC memory cards for external storage. Both are also capable of shooting HD-quality video which you can easily stream to your large screen TV or to your PC through its HDMI port. The two screens, although dissimilar in size, are touch capable and function in the same way as a control.

But the biggest feature of these two cameras is the second display located at the front. The screen measures 1.5 inches for both cameras and are identical in all aspects. Others can see how they would look in the photo while you are shooting them. Or you can use it when doing self-portraits so that you can accurately and easily frame yourself in the shot. The front screen is also touch capable, and you can just touch the area where your subject is to focus there. You can also hold the screen for a couple of seconds to take the shot instead of pressing the shutter. Of course, you can also use more advanced alternatives like the smile shutter.


The ST550 is pricier than the ST500.
The ST550 has a bigger rear screen than the ST500.
The ST550 is a tad lighter than the ST500.

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