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Difference Between Samsung ES70 and Samsung ES71

Samsung ES70 vs Samsung ES71

Comparing the Samsung ES70 and 71 is pretty much like comparing identical twins. It’s because they are exactly the same camera; just with different names. They have exactly the same specs and there are no advantages to having either one. The ES71 is just a refresh of the ES70 with only the name and very slight variations to the color.

On its own, the ES70 and ES71 are pretty good cameras. They are both equipped with a 1/2.33 sensor with a resolution of 12.2 megapixels. Their lenses have a 5x zoom factor; the equivalent of 24.5mm ‘“ 135mm. And ISO sensitivity ranges from 80 to 1600. Both cameras can also record VGA video (640×480 pixels) at 30 frames per second. Internal memory is only a paltry 9.9MB but the memory card slot can accommodate SD and SDHC memory cards for a maximum of 32GB; which should be enough for thousands of photos or hours of video. The LCD screen behind is an ample 2.7 inches, which is filled up with 230,000 pixels.

The software is also pretty good as it has automated features to make picture taking much easier. Facial recognition for excellent portraits; blink and smile detection to make sure the photos are taken at the right moment. Red-eye is no longer a problem as the camera is able to repair red-eye automatically.

The ES70/ES71 is a very good point and shoot camera with all the features you can possibly need for ordinary picture taking session with family and friends. Do not expect it to perform comparably with DSLRs as it does not have that level of technology.


  1. The ES70 is exactly the same as the ES71
  2. The ES71 is just a refresh of the ES70

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