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Difference Between Samsung Impression and LG Xenon

lg-xenon-samsung-impressionSamsung Impression vs LG Xenon

Touch screen phones are very famous nowadays, along with messaging phones that employs a full QWERTY keyboard. Both the Impression and Xenon are mobile phones that aim to target both markets with a large touch screen display and a slide out QWERTY keyboard that you can use to quickly type messages where touch screens are notoriously slow at. There are really no big differences between these two as they have the same capabilities on almost any aspect.

The Impression has the edge over the Xenon when it comes to screen size as it has a 3.25 inch screen while the Xenon only has a 2.8 inch screen, almost half an inch smaller. The Xenon is also lacking when it comes to the on-board memory. It only has 80MB which is less than half of the 190MB in the Impression. Though, you can purchase memory cards for both so that you can expand its capacity. A memory card is essential if you wish to store music of videos on either device. The lower memory capacity can also be seen on the number of contacts that each device can accommodate. The Xenon can only accommodate 500 contacts, each with a very limited amount of data you can store. The Impression can hold up to 2000 contacts, each contact entry can hold a lot of numbers along with email addresses, street address, URL, among others.

When it comes to imaging, both devices have its own pros and cons. The Impression carries a 3 megapixel camera but doesn’t have a LED flash. The Xenon carries a LED flash but is only equipped with a 2 megapixel camera. The Impression takes better photos but is absolutely useless at night while the Xenon can still take close-up shots at night.

The Impression is considerably better compared to the Xenon due to its larger screen and better camera. But for those who simply want something smaller, the Xenon might be a good choice. The LED flash might also prove to be useful when taking pictures and even as a torch.

1.The Impression has a 3.25 inch screen while the Xenon only has a 2.8 inch screen
2.The Impression has a 3 megapixel camera while the Xenon only has a 2 megapixel camera
3.The Impression has 190MB of internal memory while the Xenon only has 80MB
4.The Xenon can only hold 500 contacts while the Impression can hold 2000

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