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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Samsung Omnia HD

Nokia N8 vs Samsung Omnia HD

The Nokia N8 and the Samsung Omnia HD are from two different companies, obviously, but the two shares a lot in common; with little variations of course. To start off, their physical attributes are slightly different. The Omnia HD is longer by a full centimeter and heavier by about 100 grams than the Nokia N8. The bigger size of the Omnia HD is just appropriate to hold a slightly bigger 3.7 inch screen to the N8’s 3.5 inch screen. Aside from the size difference, the two screens are exactly the same. They both have the same resolution, AMOLED displays, and protected with gorilla glass.

The biggest difference between the two is also their biggest similarity; the Symbian operating system. The Omnia HD has the renowned, although very aged, Series 60 while the N8 is running on the very new Symbian^3. The S60 is tried and tested but it is no longer competitive with the likes of Android and iOS. Symbian^3 is much newer and addresses many of the shortcomings of the older Symbian OS but has no track record and no discernable selection of apps.

Another point of difference is their cameras. While the Omnia HD has an 8 megapixel camera, the N8 has a 12 megapixel camera. Both cameras do have excellent lenses though so they both take excellent images. Videos are at par as both are able to take 720p quality HD video. The two phones use different flashes though. The N8 has a Xenon flash which gives of a lot of light in a brief amount of time while the Omnia HD has a LED flash. Although the LED flash cannot emit as much light as a Xenon flash, it can be turned on constantly for video recording.

Lastly, the Omnia HD has the bigger battery compared to the N8; 1500mAh and 1200mAh respectively. With one full charge, the Omnia HD can get an extra hour of calls or anywhere between 50 to 200 hours of standby time over the N8.

The Omnia HD is bigger and heavier than the N8
The Omnia HD has a slightly bigger screen than the N8
The Omnia HD has an older operating system than the N8
The N8 camera is better than that of the Omnia HD
The N8 has a Xenon flash while the Omnia HD has a LED flash
The N8 has a better body than the Omnia HD
The N8 has a smaller battery than the Omnia HD

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