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Difference Between Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Vibrant vs Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung has recently amped support for the Android platform with the release of the Galaxy S and its many forms. In fact, the Samsung Vibrant is actually just one of the Galaxy S vibrants; it even has Galaxy S printed on its back. There is no difference between the two in terms of hardware and functionality. The Vibrant is a variant that is exclusive to T-Mobile and other mobile phone companies have their own variants that are still under the Galaxy S.

Even though the Vibrant is essentially the Galaxy S, you may have noticed that it does not look like the latter or with any of the other variants. This is just because of the respective company’s desires to differentiate their version from the rest and has no effect on the underlying functionalities.

But when it comes to the software, you will find major differences between the Vibrant, the Galaxy S, and its many variants. As expected, you would find all T-Mobile services and corresponding software already loaded into the Vibrant. This makes it easy for T-Mobile subscribers to quickly access the services that they are subscribed to on their Vibrant. Aside from the usual software, there are also two more. The Vibrant comes with Sims 3 and the movie Avatar already loaded on the phone as a way to attract more customers.

All in all, the Vibrant is exactly identical to the Galaxy S. If you really like the Galaxy S and you are a satisfied subscriber of T-Mobile, then the Vibrant is custom fitted for you. If you do not want to go with T-Mobile, there are also other variants of the Galaxy, you just need to browse around.

All Galaxy S variants boast of a 4 inch AMOLED display that is better than LCD and has virtually no disadvantages. The 1Ghz processor provides enough power for Android applications that you can find in the Android market, even the games that require more computing power than ordinary apps. Storage space is also ample as it already comes with 16GB of memory. If you run out of space in the future, just swap out the 2GB memory card with a bigger capacity card for even more.


The Vibrant is a variant of and is identical to the Galaxy S

The Vibrant is exclusive to T-Mobile while the Galaxy S is not

The Vibrant is aesthetically different from outher Galaxy S variants

The Vibrant comes preloaded with software that you would not find on the Galaxy S

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  1. There is a big difference between the two Samsung phones at Tmobile. Tmobile Vibrant Galaxy S is 3G, however, the new Tmobile Galaxy S is 4G (this info is from Tmobile’s representative as of 3/2/11). My wife had the Tmobile Vibrant 1 month and it’s 3G (if you have the movie Avatar), and I just purchased Tmobile Galaxy S 4G 3/2/11 (the movie is Inception) that just came out recently. I think 4G is, of course, faster than 3G. Hope this will help someone some how.

    • The Aurthur was referring to the Samsung Galaxy s I9000, which came out before the
      The Galaxy s 4G.

    • I don’t think there’s carrier in USA uses 4G, even if the phone has 4G I don’t think it will be different from other 3G phones. However, in other countries such as the Middle East companies, carriers who have the 3G/4G options allow video calls.

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