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Difference Between Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate

Samsung Vibrant vs Samsung Captivate

Looking at the core specs of these two phones, you would quickly notice that they do both have the same specs but they look distinctly different from each other. The mirrored specs are explained by the fact that they are basically the same exact phone and just sub-variants of the Galaxy S phone from Samsung. The reason why they look different is because the Vibrant is a T-Mobile version while the Captivate is an AT&T version and both phones carry the branding of the respective phone companies.

It already goes without saying that although both phones run Android 2.1, the preloaded software would be very different from each other as they would probably provide links to their own services. With the external, T-Mobile went with a more rounded look for the Vibrant that is quite similar to the iPhone while AT&T went with a more edgy look. These differences are merely aesthetic and would not differentiate the two in terms of functionality.

Quite surprisingly, despite having the same battery and OS, the Vibrant edges out the Captivate in terms of battery life. While the captivate can last for 300 hours on standby and has just under 6 hours of talk time, the Vibrant can last for up to 450 hours on standby and has 6.5 hours of talk time.

All in all, both phones are pretty great. The AMOLED display not only provides a more vibrant image, it is also less prone to washing out under direct sunlight like most other phones with LCD screens. The 1Ghz CPU provides ample power while 16GB of internal memory ensures that you have enough storage space; you can also add a memory card if you find it lacking.

Choosing between the two phones has less to do with the actual phones themselves. Rather, it is a choice of whether you want to subscribe to T-Mobile or AT&T. Either way, you would be getting an excellent smartphone that is loaded with the latest technologies you can find on a phone.

1. The Vibrant is exclusive to T-Mobile while the Captivate is exclusive to AT&T
2. The preloaded software is different between the Vibrant and the Captivate
3. The Vibrant has a more rounded look compared to the Captivate
4. The Vibrant has a longer talk time and standby time compared to the Captivate

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