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Difference Between Sony Quad Core Next Gen PSP (PSP2/NGP) and Nintendo 3DS

Sony Quad Core Next Gen PSP (PSP2/NGP) vs Nintendo 3DS

Just like with their bigger counterparts, there is also a race to come up with the best portable gaming systems. In this aspect, there are two major players: Sony, with its PSP, and Nintendo with the DS. The latest versions of these systems are the PSP2, which is also known as NGP, and the 3DS. The main difference between the two is hardware as the PSP2 is equipped with a quad core A9 processor, a first for portable gaming devices. On the other hand, Nintendo has always been behind when it comes to processing capabilities and the 3DS is no exception.

What Nintendo is well known for is their constant innovation to gaming platforms. They’ve changed the game with the Wii, and they are planning to do it again with the 3DS. The main offering of the 3DS is the 3D top display. This provides a 3D view of the game environment which is pretty much like what you get in the movies but without the 3D glasses. Nintendo still retains the dual screen set-up of the older DS systems but has slightly increased the size of the 3D screen. In comparison, the PSP2 has a single screen, but it has significantly increased the size to a 5-inch touch-sensitive display. Although the touch capability may have limited use in PSP2 games, it does have great advantages in browsing through menus.

When it comes to controlling the device, the PSP2 has covered more ground than the 3DS. The 3DS only added an analog stick as an alternative to the D-pad. In comparison, the PSP2 has dual analog sticks. They’ve also added touch capabilities to their screen. Lastly, the PSP2 has touch-sensitive panels at the back of the device. These panels can be used as triggers or switches for a more innovative and realistic gameplay.

Finally, Sony added two cameras with the PSP2: a rear-facing camera for taking photos and a front-facing camera presumably for video calling. Older DS systems already had cameras, and Nintendo decided to complement their 3D screen with a 3D camera on the outside of the device. The two cameras located on the rear of the device can take photos at slightly different angles. The two photos are then interpolated to form a single, 3D image.


1. The PSP2 has a more powerful processor than the 3DS.
2. The PSP2 can’t display 3D while the 3DS can.
3. The PSP2 has one large screen while the 3DS has two smaller screens.
4. The PSP2 has more controls than the 3DS.
5. The 3DS has a 3D camera while the PSP2 doesn’t.

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