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Difference Between Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP Go

Nintendo DSi vs Sony PSP Go

The Nintendo DSi and PSP Go are just updated versions of their respective company’s console lines. Although they are contemporaries, little is shared between these two devices. The biggest difference between these two is the type of media that they use. While the Nintendo decided to continue using game cartridges for the DSi, Sony decided to abandon the UMD and went with soft downloads. The DSi has the advantage of backwards compatibility with DS games while owners of PSP UMDs are required to but the games again through PSN.

Because the PSP Go needs to download games, storage space is essential. Although 16GB is a lot compared to the DSi’s 256MB, most of this space would probably be taken up by games. For expansion, both consoles are equipped with card slots. The PSP Go still uses Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick M2 while the DSi uses SD cards. The latter is better simply because it is used by a lot more devices from different manufacturers.

The two devices are built very differently; the DSi is a clamshell while the PSP Go is a slider. The DSi’s two halves contain its two screens while the upper half of the PSP Go holds the screen and the lower half holds the controls. The dual screens of the DSi presents a more interesting gameplay mechanic as the lower screen has a touch interface and can also be used as a control for some games.

Aside from dual touch screens, the DSi also has dual cameras, one on the inside hinge and another one on the outside cover. The cameras can be used to take pictures, which can then be edited via the touch screen interface and sent through WiFi. The PSP Go doesn’t have any camera and since it breaks compatibility with PSP accessories, it cannot use the PSP camera as well.

A new feature on the PSP Go that you would not find on the DSi is Bluetooth. Bluetooth can be used to share media but more importantly, it can be used to connect with accessories like wireless headsets and the like.

The DSi uses physical media while the PSP Go doesn’t
The DSi has a lot less memory than the PSP Go
The DSi uses SD memory cards while the PSP Go uses Memory Stick
The DSi is a clamshell while the PSP Go is a slider
The DSi has two screens while the PSP Go only has one
The DSi has a touch screen interface while the PSP Go doesn’t
The DSi has dual cameras while the PSP Go doesn’t have any
The PSP Go has Bluetooth while the DSi doesn’t

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