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Difference Between T-mobile G1 and G2

g-phoneT-mobile G1 vs G2

Google’s Android operating system has not been widely accepted in the market yet and as such there are a very few devices available that have it installed. T-mobile was the first company to go out on a limb and market the G1 and later on the G2. Both devices are from the same manufacturer, HTC, which has been making smartphones running the Windows Mobile operating system for a long time. The G2 is basically a redesign of the older G1 to align it more to the younger market; specifically, the iPhone market.

They made the G2 thinner and considerably lighter than the G1 to make it more pocketable and appealing to those who saw the G1 as very bulky. They achieved this without removing any of the essential features in the older G1 or even scale back its performance. They did remove the QWERTY keyboard to mixed reviews. Some people missed the keyboard since it makes messaging and email writing a lot easier. But a lot of people also considered the keyboard to be a minor loss to gain the sleeker look of the G2.

When it comes to the hardware, the G2 sports a few minor upgrades that improve its usability. The first upgrade is the 512MB of ROM, which is twice the amount that is installed in the G1. This gives users more room to install programs in as Android does not allow installation on memory cards and users have been complaining about the small space in the G1. Another improvement is the addition of one more frequency band for 3G. While the G1 only has two frequency bands, the G2 supports three. This gives you a better chance of having 3G in more places in the world.

The design of the G1 is geared more towards the business minded people where looks come second to function. A lot people who use their smartphone to maintain communications find the keyboard to be indispensible. The G2 is more of an all-around phone that is meant to compete with the looks and functionality of the iPhone.

1. The G2 is more like a redesign of the G1
2. The G2 is sleeker and more lightweight than the G1
3. The G2 no longer has the full QWERTY keyboard installed in the G1
4. The G2 has twice the amount of ROM compared to the G1
5. The G2 adds another 3G frequency band that is not available in the G1

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