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htcApple iPhone vs. HTC Dream

The iPhone is a very popular handset, that has undergone multiple revisions to add to it more functionality. The HTC Dream, also known as the G1, is a smartphone from an established manufacturer, HTC, running an OS from a new player, Google. The biggest difference is in the OS that is running on both handsets. The iPhone runs Apple’s modified X operating system, which keeps simplicity and seamless integration at the top of its priority. On the other hand, the Dream runs the Android operating system, and is the first handset to actually run this fledgling operating system. Due to this fact, you are probably going to get a more reliable device with the iPhone than with the Dream.

There are also major differences when it comes to the hardware. The iPhone is a sleek device, with rounded corners, and a very finished look, while the Dream looks slightly odd with its ‘chin’ that produced a few Leno jokes. The Dream is bigger, thicker, and overall chunkier compared to the Apple iPhone. The extra thickness of the Dream is due to the slide-out hardware keyboard. The full QWERTY keyboard is better at typing messages compared to any on-screen keyboard, but some people think that the presence of the chin is awkward.

The battery of the iPhone may last longer than that of the Dream, but the user is forced to charge his handset after the juice has run out. The iPhone has an internal battery that cannot be accessed, while the Dream has a user replaceable battery. The Dream allows the user to purchase two or more batteries, and to simply swap batteries when one runs out.

The Google Android operating system, that runs on the HTC Dream, can be replaced by other versions with the help of some hacks and risky procedures. This is very commonplace with HTC’s other handsets, that run the Windows Mobile operating system, and they have quite a large following. This allows the users to extend the capabilities of the phone beyond what HTC or the telco intended. There is really no history of the iPhone OS getting replaced, or anything remotely similar.


1. The iPhone runs the proprietary Mac OS, while the Dream runs the open source Android operating system.

2. The iPhone is lighter and sleeker compared to the Dream.

3. The iPhone lacks a hardware keyboard, while the Dream has a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard.

4. The battery of the Dream is user replaceable, unlike that of the iPhone.

5. Users can modify the Dream OS, but not the iPhone OS.

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