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Difference Between Zune 80 and Zune 120

zuneZune 80 vs Zune 120

Zune 80 and Zune 120 are kick-off gadgets for everyone to enjoy. Will these devices have the upper hand over its toughest competitors like Apple’s iPod? But before that, users or the portable media player consumers must know the difference between these two Zune versions before purchasing them.

Foremost, Zune 80 and Zune 120 are different in terms of its outside or overall appearance. The colors of the two devices basically differ. Zune 80 comes in different color combinations of red-silver, black-gold, or black-red schemes whereas the Zune 120, although it may still have the same black-red combo, has a matte black on its backside and glossy black color on its front side. This will make sure that the back of the player doesn’t get scratched easily especially if it falls on the floor. The glossy black color may give the impression of leaving fingerprint marks but its practically a minor setback. Nevertheless, there is a glossy red Zune 120 that’s only available at authorized Zune outlets.

Moreover, Zune 80 is obviously the younger or earlier version of Zune 120. Zune 80 was created by Microsoft and was later released during the last quarter of 2007 whereas the latter was released by the end of the third quarter of 2008.

From its name, the Zune 80 model has a smaller drive space compared to the Zune 120. The numbers indicated in the unit dictates its storage space in terms of Gigabytes hence Zune 120 has 40 Gb more space compared to the 80 version. It will not be a surprise that the latter 120 version is pricier compared to the Zune 80 because it is newer and has a bigger file storage space than its predecessor.
Lastly, the manufacturer has cut the addition of the headphones from the Zune 120. This is really devastating for media fanatics because the headphones, usually priced at about US $40, is a very important add-on for all music lovers.

1. Zune 120 has a glossy black front side appearance and has a variety of color schemes while the 120 version has a matte black backside and a glossy black front side.
2. Zune 80 is an earlier model, which was released in 2007 while Zune 120 is a newer model launched last 2008.
3. Zune 80 is 40 Gb smaller in terms of file storage space compared to the Zune 120.
4. Zune 80 often comes with free headphones whereas the Zune 120 doesn’t have any.
5. Zune 120 is practically more expensive than Zune 80.

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