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Difference between PlayStation 1 & PlayStation 3

PlayStation 1 vs PlayStation 3

In the world of gaming consoles, there are no bigger giants than the Sony PlayStation and the Microsoft Xbox. Sony released its first version of PlayStation – The PlayStation 1 in 1994 and the PlayStation 3 was released eleven years later in 2005. The PlayStation 3 went through a massive development between 2000 to 2005. Amazing features and specifications made PS3 an amazing gaming console. In between this time, the PS2 was very popular. Let’s check out the differences between PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 3.

The PS1 has a 32 bit RISC processor cheap which was designed by LSI Logic Crop. The speed of this processor was 33 MHz. This is an extremely slower processor compared to the 3.2 GHz processor in the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 1 had 2 MB of RAM and the storage capacity was 1 KB SRAM data cache. The CPU supported 3D graphics and run on 55 MIPS which stands for million per second. Inside the CPU, the console was responsible for decompressing videos and images. The operating performance of the PlayStation 1 was 80 MIPS and it directly connected to the CPU bus. The DualShock Controller 1 was used in the PS1. Its data connectivity included AV Multi-out.

The PS3 was a revolution in the time when it came out. It features an extremely fast processor and offers playing Blu-Ray disks. The PS3 is DLNA certified and also supports external memory slot. This memory slot can be used for inserting SD or Micro SD cards into the slot. The PS3 also has optical tracking option which can track the motion of the user and also the gestures with the help of a camera. The PS3 features a 256 MB RAM and supports USB Version 2. It came with the first wireless controller from Sony and also features Wi-Fi connection, which was not available in the previous models. It came with the DualShock 3 controller, which is still one of the most popular game controllers of all time.

The PS3 also supports HDMI output for connecting to TV or monitors using HDMI port. The sound output channels have been increased to 5:1 and 3D support has been added to the PS3. The number of USB ports has been increased to 4 and the PS3 can be used with a controller that can sense motion.

Key Differences between PlayStation 1 & PlayStation 3:

  • The processor speed in PS3 is extremely powerful compared to the PS 1 processor.

  • The PS1 had 2 MB of RAM, but the PS3 features a 256 MB RAM.

  • The PS1 used DualShock Controller 1, but the PS3 uses DualShock Controller 3.

  • Wi-Fi support is added in the PS3, but not available in the PS1.

  • The PS3 featured the first wireless controller from Sony and was not available for the PS1 or PS2.

  • The PS3 supports HDMI output, but the PS1 only supports AV output.

  • Motion sensing controller can be used with PS3, but is not supported on PS1.

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