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Difference Between iPad and Android Tablet

iPad vs Android Tablet

The release of the iPad has spawned considerable interest in tablets and a lot of companies are aiming to have a pie of the iPad market. More recently, Android tablets are also gaining popularity as possible iPad replacements. What most people do not know is that Android tablets are not the same, unlike the iPad, and is just a common name for a wide variety of devices with different specs from different manufacturers. The biggest difference between the iPad and Android tablets is the operating system since the iPad runs on iOS while Android tablets run on Google’s Android; both starting on smartphones and are now being used in tablets.

Since the specs of Android tablets vary from one device to another, there is no point in comparing them as they would not hold true for all devices. Let’s just point out the things that are common to all android tablets.

The biggest selling factor for the Android tablets against the iPad is Flash. Flash is the most popular software that is being used for showing online videos; aside from the other things it can do. The iPad cannot show videos from Youtube and a lot of other sites due to the lack of Flash. You also cannot install Flash in the iPad by any means.

Another difference between the two is multi-tasking. Up until iOS 4, multi-tasking was clearly absent in the iPhone. iOS 4 introduced a tweaked version of multi-tasking to both the iPhone and the iPad. It is tweaked because only some applications have it and switching to another application actually means that the other app gets ‘paused’. Android tablets have true multi-tasking where applications run in the background while you are using another application. There is also no coding requirement in order to take advantage of multi-tasking so the makers of apps need not bother themselves with that extra step.

Lastly, the iPad is still in the lead when it comes to the number of available apps; thanks to the long list of apps made for the iPhone. Android tablets do inherit some Android apps but since Android is pretty young, the number of apps is relatively low.


1. The iPad is a single product while Android tablet is a common name for a variety of products

2. The iPad runs on the iOS while Android tablet runs on Android

3. The iPad lacks flash while Android tablets have it

4. The iPad does not have true multi-tasking while Android tablets do

5. The 5. The iPad has more apps than Android tablets

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  1. This is a good article for just a basic overview of each device. I was considering purchasing a Android tablet and this information will be helpful in my decision.

  2. I’m not usually one to nit-pick, but iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) can in fact play YouTube videos, just not in the same way Android does. iOS devices have a separate app for YouTube that opens when a link to a YouTube video is clicked on. In playing YouTube videos, the iOS devices function much the same way HTC’s flash player works on Android devices.

    • YouTube videos played fine on the iPad, and true it’s probably the most oopular site. Still worth noting It won’t play videos from some other sites though, and of course there are online games and such that can’t be used.

  3. I’m a new guy trying to get something nice to give as a present but this article help me a lot thanks for your info

  4. Thanks so much for this article. I just purchased an Android Tablet (haven’t received it in the mail yet) and was wondering if I made a correct decision on purchasing it over an IPad. I have an Android phone through Sprint so the Android name is really what sold me. Other than that I was clueless about the device itself. I just needed it for internet purposes for my child.

    • Big mistake man. We all know the Apple I pad is way, and I mean WAY more better than that tablet crap. Basically it’s the new hit. Well S 5 is, but, you get the idea. Anyway, it’s your life not mine…

      • eazy man…..basically the guy needs info not critism

      • Hi can you please explain the reasoning why ? It’s way better than an android? As usual my son , that is tech savvy won’t. His response was unless it’s for you and dad as well. Not just for the baby! Well he’s not a baby he’s 26 months. He already counts to 25 , knows his ABCs , his colors, spells his name. Has been for
        over 6-8 months. I’m teacheing him early . As I’ve done with my own 5 Brsutiful blessings. God had blessed my husband and myself. With, bitter bundle of joy , to raise . For our Fourth son. We’ve had him from birth. He said, get if I’m going to use as well. I was only thinking ABC Mouse
        Or education mind testing and challenge things. Second language, teaching manors, nice words, how not to be a bully.
        General things and ways i tough time our kids growing up. . Always respect a lady . No there case , they 1 younger little tiny sister at that. So if Could advise us one
        The better of the 2 that would be Smoken.
        Do the iPads have the camera/ pictures option yet ? And what is going prices where to get

      • Apple sucks I wouldn’t buy an apple product if it was the last thing left I had an I phone and it was nothing but problems my son had had an ipod and still nothing but problems. My wife had an iPhone and it locked her out of it it wouldn’t take her pin to unlock the phone so she had to do a master reset

  5. Thank you for giving direct examples of the difference between the Android Tablet and the IPad. For me the Android Tablet is not only cheaper but the best device for what I wanting to do. I recommend and will be telling everyone who wants to buy either to research and find which is best suited for them. Thank you again.

  6. At last a usefull insight into what seems muddy waters.
    I can now make a more informed decision on my up-coming purchase.


  7. so the Android Tablet is better than the Apple IPad??

  8. Thanks a lot for clearing the confusion in selection.
    Excellent details and good explanation with examples.

  9. At last a usefull insight into what seems muddy waters.
    I can now make a more informed decision o

    Read more: Difference Between iPad and Android Tablet | Difference Between | iPad vs Android Tablet http://www.differencebetween.net/object/gadgets-object/difference-between-ipad-and-android-tablet/#ixzz1o2wwZx1b

  10. This article was extremely helpful.. I was overwhelmed by the name Ipad and considered it for buying too.. but no, i think i would go for Andriod tablet.. In few other sites i even came across that memory in Ipad is not expandable but what is the case in Tab.. Can anyone please contrast.!!!

    Thanks in advance..

    • Some tablets can be expanded by an SD card or a micro SD card. I don’t quite remember which. My mother recently bought one and it come with a slot to expand the memory!

  11. Truly Informative…..surely tablets are better than Ipads.

  12. Please, try to give correct information to people.
    It is clear you are advertising for Android and I sincerely think Apple should sue this site for giving a wrong information against their product. I have been using iPhone since the very first one, 2g and right on that one, you can watch Youtube. In fact, an entire application is dedicated to it.
    Since iOS 4, multitasking is possible on iPhone and iPad, and it is not like pausing other apps but true multitasking. I think you are either biased or ignorant of how Apple products work. I advise you buy either iPhone or iPad and use and then re-write this article as it’s clear you don’t use any.

    • Thanks. I was starting to doubt my decision I made 2 hours ago when. I just ordered my iPad and was told its much better and compatible with my phone and it’s apps.

    • simply do not understand what this man is saying I used both the man is correct is not talking about YouTube but video telephone call from your SIM card ipad does not make a sim card call or install whatsapp unless you have to download an application that may help you out

  13. Can u tell me tablet is working is good or another things ? write me about tabelt

  14. Kindly give me more information about the advantages of using an Ipad or Tablets and its features!!

  15. i will cite you as a source

  16. Hi. I think please stop using “sue word” because it will stop people spread knowledge.if something u understand differently,just throw it here.we are a user.we need to have more info.not a stupid sales word

  17. Can a tablet be hooked up to a wireless printer?? I need to purchase either iPad or tablet for business purposes. Mainly for Internet use. I have iPhone through Verizon. I also have hotspot for my wifi. Can the android tablet still be used for Internet with my hotspot. Hotspot is through Verizon.

  18. i like i-pads

  19. Android has the upper hand in this one.

  20. hey this is a good article and help me out and also help me to make a good choice

  21. were using android tablet and its good specially in wifi connection it can easily connect and can open multiple link at the same time.

    • I have a Samsung tablet that is made of course is Android. You can do anything and everything with them. You can even find with keyboards that will easily detach. You can find nice carrying cases to put them in. You can print and do as I said before do what ever. Put a sd. Card in it. There just isn’t nothing you cannot do with these tablets. You just have have to search for right one.

  22. i loved it……….a new student in these stuff n am catchin up

  23. Its educative. my Boss asked to know the differences between the two. I was helpful anyway but still need more to add and your contribution has added sugar to it.

  24. I was in the process of updating my cell phone and was thinking about getting the iPhone 4. After speaking with the sales rep, he really convinced me that the iPhone 4 was really just a brand with apps that you have to buy from their store. Needless to say, I decided to go with a Droid. So now I am in the market for a tablet and will not be buying an iPad. It’s just a brand.

  25. So in conclusion, the android tablet is better?

    • I think the droid is better, Google has a lot cool Free apps an they very seldom even try to SELL an app. Other apps work just as well, also look for a 4 core chip and SD expansion slot.
      Most are made by Samsung and use a variety of parts as per the design and options that a particular brand name wants

  26. if i’m not near a wi-fi connection is there a way i can connect to the internet

  27. the information which u had given is very helpfull to me.As if i want to buy a new tablet i prefer android.

  28. Thanks for this info. I was very far coz i didnt have a clue there was a difference btwn 2. I was planning to upgrade my phone n now am saving to get Android, Now which company sells the original.?? Am afraid for a counterfeit!!

  29. Thanks for this info. I was very far coz i didnt have a clue there was a difference btwn 2. I was planning to upgrade my phone n now am saving to get Android, Now which company sells the original.?? Am afraid for a counterfeit!!!

  30. tnx. for the info it helps a lot. planning to buy ipad but i change my mind.

  31. So which company sells the original

  32. I think a tablet can do all you can do on a laptop or a pc on the other hand an i-pad is only upgraded version of a cell phone with limited capabilities. So a tablet will always have an upper hand.

  33. Tecno or Samsung are the main people producing tablet but i really preferred SAMSUNG product…

  34. am kind of confuse right now can I make and answer call with both of them

  35. thanks for the info.its so clearly explained, tat a layman can understand the difference between iPad and android tablet.

  36. tecno tab n samsung tab are almost dsame. tecno has 2 dual sim slot, a strong n lasting battery y samsung has 1 sim slot, fine design and battey capacity not 2 gud. both share equal app

  37. Look, I/m looking for a device either a tablet or i pad, want a good camera with flash, access to e-mails, facebook, messenger and large gb to play games, thats all I will use it for. Thanks

    • I am looking at an android tabletI now have a Apple iPad but have had it four years and it seems slow and will not hold a charge long at all. Will an Android tablet let me have Facebook, messenger, and contacts? This is all I need it for. Thanks for info.

  38. Helpful and well-explained,thanks. I can now make an informed decision.

  39. I have both Tablet E lite, S2 and iPad 1,2,3 and now 10.5 Pro. I love iPads During the process of using both devices, I became to respect the Android Tablets mainly on Multiple functions. This article didn’t mention about the ability to increase the storage which is very important factor why I bought a Tablet. The S2 & 3 are fantastic. The S3 come with a pen while the iPad pro doesn’t. An extra $100 for one. S3 graphics is better than iPad Pro but iPad has more Apps than Android. I guess it depends on your taste to choose which one is useful.

  40. Update Man!!!!!!

  41. I am glad I read all the comments I think I maybe leading to a tablet as I only needed for Facebook Messenger you tube also taking it overseas so I can message my friends and family

  42. No comment until the time limit is up

  43. Hi can I use online classes for my iPad 7generation?

  44. I still can’t decide which one to buy still need help in deciding

  45. Maybe this will clear some confusion. I used to have an android phone and my son worked for a company that sold both. It kept giving me iPhones and I hated them until I finally got used to them. (I might add that I am 71 years old with multiple health problems). Well I finally got an iPad but I am having trouble activating it but I am sure once I do I will like you as much as I do my iPhone . Anyway I finally figured out that it is like comparing apples to oranges . Both products or baths we different and it just depends on what someone is used to. I hope this long comment clears any confusion.

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