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Difference Between Blackberry Torch 2 and Blackberry Torch 9800

Blackberry Torch 2 vs Blackberry Torch 9800

The Blackberry Torch 2 is the supposed replacement of the Torch 9800. The main difference between the two is the availability as the Torch isn’t really tangible yet. What we have are only its preliminary specs, and much can change before it is released later this year or early the next. If you are deciding on what to buy now, then there is no sense in waiting for the Torch 2. As expected, a succeeding device should have improved features and better specs than its predecessor. But, as proven by Blackberry’s track record, the changes are very minimal and don’t stray too far from the original Torch recipe.

The first difference between the Torch 9800 and the Torch 2 is the increased screen resolution. A higher resolution provides a finer image quality. Icons would also look better as there are more pixels in a given area. Aside from the increased resolution, everything else is the same. They have the same size and are made of the same material.

Memory is the next area where the Torch 2 would get an upgrade. Instead of the 4GB of storage that you would find on the Torch 9800, the Torch 2 would get 8GB. As always, a microSD memory card, which can accommodate cards of up to 32GB, is available for users who are not satisfied with the supplied internal memory.

One area where Blackberry smartphones are lagging compared to other manufacturers is processing power. While many others were already sporting processors with 1Ghz clock speed, the Torch 9800 only had a 624Mhz processor. The Torch 2 aims to double that clock speed to roughly 1.2Ghz. Although most other smartphones already have dual core processors, the Torch 2 should be pretty responsive as the Blackberry OS is not really that resource intensive.


1.The Torch 2 isn’t available yet while the Torch 9800 already is.
2.The Torch 2 would have an increased resolution compared to the Torch 9800.
3.The Torch 2 would have double the storage of the Torch 9800.
4.The Torch 2 would have a more powerful processor than the Torch 9800.

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