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Difference Between HTC Incredible S and Blackberry Torch 9800

HTC Incredible S vs Blackberry Torch 9800

Although the Incredible S from HTC and the Blackberry Torch 9800 are both smartphones, they are quite different. The main difference between the Incredible S and the Torch 9800 is their purpose. The Torch 9800 is a business phone that focuses on messaging while the Incredible S is an all-around smartphone with a general focus on multimedia.

The Torch 9800 uses Blackberry’s own operating system that connects to their email and messaging servers. In contrast, the Incredible S uses the Android operating system; it may not be as good or as integrated when it comes to emails and messaging but it surely beats the Blackberry OS in terms of features and applications.

Further strengthening the messaging angle of the Torch 9800 is the presence of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which aids significantly in speeding-up the process of writing emails. Because the Incredible S doesn’t have a keyboard, it has more freedom in choosing the size of the screen and HTC slapped a 4 inch display on it. The bigger screen is certainly better for watching videos, browsing the internet, as well as playing games.

The camera is one area where smartphone makers have been racing to outdo each other. HTC is also quite eager to place better cameras on their phones. The Incredible S has an above average 8 megapixel shooter, which can also record 720p HD quality videos. In contrast, the 5 megapixel camera of the Torch 9800 is barely competitive with what most smartphones have; unfortunately, it is let down by its incredibly low VGA video recording resolution. The Torch 9800 also lacks a front-facing camera, thereby eliminating the video call feature. The 1.3 megapixel camera of the Incredible S may not impress anyone but it surely does the job well enough.

The Torch 9800 can’t really hold a candle to the Incredible S when it comes to multimedia capabilities. But it is still the hands down winner for messaging and emails. This is the reason why many businesses still sticks with Blackberry.


The Torch 9800 is a business smartphone while the Incredible S is an all-around smartphone
The Torch 9800 runs on the Blackberry OS while the Incredible S runs on Android
The Torch 9800 has a QWERTY keyboard while the Incredible S doesn’t
The screen of the Incredible S is much bigger than on the Torch 9800
The Incredible S cameras are much better than the Torch’s

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